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Loren Stillman Quartet on tour November 2014  on Fri, 25/10/2013 - 11:42  PDF version
  Dear Promoter     A new face and great voice in my program: altosaxophonist Loren Stillman   Stillman presents a new quartet, which will be release a new album in spring 2014. The line-up:   - Loren Stillman, Alto Saxophone...
NEW PROJECT: Donny McCaslin Trio  on Thu, 03/10/2013 - 10:40  PDF version
  Dear Promoter   Brandnew: The new Donny McCaslin Trio with one of the most dynamic rhythm-sections in modern jazz:   - Donny McCaslin: ts - François Moutin: b - Dan Weiss: dr     DONNY MCCASLIN is one of the most powerful,...
Adam Baldych projects on tour 2013-2014  on Fri, 28/06/2013 - 11:20  PDF version
"Without any doubt the greatest living jazz violinist. One can expect everything from him."  Ulrich Olshausen from German newspaper "Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung“ about Adam Bałdych.     Dear Promoter   The polish...
Ralph Gluch: Program 2013 / 2014  on Tue, 04/06/2013 - 10:55  PDF version
Dear Promoter Here the updated outlook on my roster.  I'm still looking for some concerts for: - Donny McCaslin on the 23rd october (specially in Scandinavia) - Erika Stucky with her new program BLACK WIDOW in october - Adam Baldych on the 14th / 15th / 17th / 20th october -...
Anderson / Ehrlich Quartet  on Tue, 04/09/2012 - 02:00  PDF version
  ANDERSON / EHRLICH QUARTET Buongiorno, I just received a cancellation for the Anderson / Ehrlich Quartet for SATURDAY, THE 27TH OCTOBER 2012 The line-up: - Ray Anderson: tb - Marty Ehrlich: as. cl, fl -...


Agency Tours

Band From / to Line up
JEAN-PAUL BOURELLY - KISS THE SKY 2014-01-24 to 2014-01-26 Bourelly Jean-Paul, Martin Kenny
ADAM BALDYCH / YARON HERMAN DUO 2014-02-04 to 2014-02-07 Baldych Adam, Herman Yaron
THE IMPOSSIBLE GENTLEMEN 2014-02-23 to 2014-02-27 Simcock Gwilym, Walker Mike, Rodby Steve, Nussbaum Adam
ERIKA STUCKY PING PONG 2014-03-25 to 2014-03-29 Stucky Erika, Jensen Knut
LUCIANO BIONDINI - MICHEL GODARD - LUCAS NIGGLI 2014-04-04 to 2014-04-06 Biondini Luciano, Godard Michel Ernest Rene, Niggli Lucas
IIRO RANTALA POWER TRIO 2014-04-27 to 2014-05-04 Rantala Iiro, Ilg Dieter, Haffner Wolfgang
ADAM BALDYCH / LUCIANO BIONDINI QUARTET 2014-04-29 to 2014-05-01 Baldych Adam, Biondini Luciano, Benita Michel
IIRO RANTALA LOST HEROES (Solo) 2014-04-29 to 2014-04-30 Rantala Iiro
SIMCOCK - GARLAND - SIRKIS "LIGHTHOUSE" 2014-05-08 to 2014-05-11 Simcock Gwilym, Garland Tim, Sirkis Asaf
ERIKA STUCKY BLACK WIDOW 2014-05-09 to 2014-05-12 Stucky Erika
RAY ANDERSON BLUES BAND 2014-05-24 to 2014-05-30 Anderson Ray, Versace Gary, Wilson Matt
IIRO RANTALA LOST HEROES (Solo) - June 2014-06-04 to 2014-06-10 Rantala Iiro
IIRO RANTALA TRIO 2014-09-17 to 2014-09-21 Rantala Iiro, Lund Morten, Ilg Dieter
DONNY McCASLIN TRIO 2014-10-01 to 2014-10-12 McCaslin Donny, Moutin Francois, Weiss Dan
ERIKA STUCKY - WALLY & THE 7 VULTURES! 2014-10-08 to 2014-10-19 Stucky Erika
CRAIG TABORN TRIO 2014-10-10 to 2014-10-19 Taborn Craig, Morgan Thomas, Cleaver Gerald
ADAM BALDYCH / LUCIANO BIONDINI QUARTET 2014-10-13 to 2014-10-19 Baldych Adam, Biondini Luciano, Benita Michel
IIRO RANTALA POWER TRIO 2014-10-21 to 2014-10-26 Rantala Iiro, Ilg Dieter, Haffner Wolfgang
IIRO RANTALA STRING TRIO 2014-11-05 to 2014-11-09 Rantala Iiro, Baldych Adam, Valcic Asja
LOREN STILLMAN QUARTET 2014-11-19 to 2014-11-30 Stillman Loren, Radley Nate, Gress Andrew Daniel (Drew), Poor Ted
IIRO RANTALA STRING TRIO 2014-12-10 to 2014-12-14 Rantala Iiro, Baldych Adam, Valcic Asja
ERIKA STUCKY - WALLY & THE 7 VULTURES! 2014-12-26 to 2015-01-04 Stucky Erika
IIRO RANTALA LOST HEROES (Solo) 2015-02-02 to 2015-02-08 Rantala Iiro