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I only represent artists with whom I am personal friends, whose musical abilities I admire and whom I esteem as human beings. Their artistic qualities are of equal importance to me as their personalities. No matter whether they are established jazz pioneers or young, extraordinarily gifted artists who time and again enrich and enliven jazz in its vast diversity of facets. For this reason, I offer no mass hodge-podge of any and all artists. I am passionately committed to each and every one of the musicians I represent, and stand by and for them.

Based on long, active experience as CEO of a successful event agency, I also know the needs and business conditions of concert promoters. And I understand and accept them. I see my work as building bridges, preparing a successful basis for both sides: for the artist and the promoter, not only brokering a concert, but accompanying it in terms of organisation and consulting.

Take a look for yourself and see what musical highlights you find there. I would welcome your inquiry.

Hans J. Batschauer

Hasenbergsteige 20,
D-70178 Stuttgart
Phone: 49 711 6159068
Marc Berthoumieux  on Wed, 15/01/2014 - 10:38  PDF version
MARC BERTHOUMIEUX  Marc Berthoumieux was born in 1960 in Haute-Savoie and he began playing accordion at the age of eleven years. In 1991 he went to Paris, where he was quickly discovered by the Paris jazz scene as a shooting star. After a short time he performed already with his own...
Larry Coryell & The Eleventh House  on Wed, 15/01/2014 - 10:02  PDF version
LARRY CORYELL & THE ELEVENTH HOUSE The legendary band The Eleventh House is widely considered as one of the pioneering jazz-rock groups. Led by the great guitarist Larry Coryell the band was formed in 1973. Now this funk oriented jazz-rock band has a spectacular reunion with such...
Leni Stern Africa Trio  on Mon, 28/10/2013 - 12:52  PDF version
Trans-Oceanic Afro-Jazz: Leni Stern Infuses Mbalax Rhythms and Senegalese Soul with Soaring Vocals and Jazz Guitar Leni Stern African Trio with the newest CD Jelell on tour in Europe February and March 2014 – other dates on request Jelell! This Wolof expression means something along...
Marina Chassé Jazz Booking: artists on tour in Europe 2013-2014  on Tue, 04/09/2012 - 02:00  PDF version
Dear Everyone! September is back and I am very excited to send you some news. After many beautiful concerts this summer, both in Europe and in USA, we are working on new projects of tours and albums. You will find details in this message. I thank you sincerely for your support and your interest in...