Ina Dittke and Associates


Ina was a director of BPR music from 1987 when she joined Brian Theobald, Pete King and Ronnie Scott, all three now sadly deceased. The company became famous for big-band tours with stars such as Buddy Rich, Dizzy Gillespie, Tito Puente and many others. She branched out into world music with Miriam Makeba and Still Black, Still Proud — an African tribute to James Brown starring Peewee Ellis.

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  AVAILABILITY MARCH - MAY 2015 Charles Tolliver Music Inc. March 12 - 23 Charles Tolliver - Trumpet Theo Hill - Piano Bruce Edwards - Guitar Devin Starks - Bass EJ Strickland - Drums   Cyrus Chestnut Trio April 9 - 20 Cyrus Chestnut - Piano Jesper Lundgaard...