How to join EJN

The Europe Jazz Network (EJN) exists to support the identity and diversity of jazz in Europe and broaden awareness of this vital area of music as a cultural and educational force.
Europe Jazz Network is a membership association of like-minded organisations who promote and produce concerts and festivals of jazz and related musics, national and regional umbrella organisations  which are committed to supporting the development of jazz.

Europe Jazz Network aims to:

  • develop the association as an international network of producers of live music
  • encourage musical culture in general and jazz and improvised music in particular, and to enable these musics to reach the widest possible public
  • initiate and encourage the development of international exchanges, special projects and collaborations, between producers and artists both within and outside Europe
  • encourage its members to programme European artists and their work.

Members join Europe Jazz Network to:

  • support and encourage creativity
  • co-operate with other members
  • collect and share information and knowledge
  • invest and build resources
  • exchange musical programmes and artists
  • establish models of good professional practise
  • advocate for jazz and cultural activity in Europe

Membership Rights and Responsibilities:

  • On joining Europe Jazz Network, members commit themselves to the philosophy and activities of the organisation
  • Members cannot derive a commercial profit from their activities within Europe Jazz Network
  • The organization applying should have been in existence for at least 3 years and show at least 3 years of activity in the jazz field. 

Each member pays an annual membership fee of  €1.000,00 which contributes to the network's general running costs and allows each member to send one representative to the annual General Assembly/European Jazz Conference.

Representatives' travel and accommodation costs for attending the General Assembly are paid from Europe Jazz Network funds.
EJN members are expected to join or contribute to the various Working Groups which have the responsibility for a number of practical issues and actions which will advance the organisation's aims.
Each member has access to the EJN website for communicating news and information about their activities and events.
Members each have a vote the General Assembly and elect the Board of Directors.
The Board is responsible for taking forward the work of the EJN.
Board members all work for EJN on a voluntary, unpaid basis.

Joining the Europe Jazz Network
Organisations wishing to join EJN to participate in its work and receive membership rights should submit their details and state their commitment in the following form.
The request should be sent to the Board who will consider that application against the criteria that are listed in the document above and, if it does, will formally admit it to membership at their next meeting. The artistic quality of the applicant programmes is a key point of the membership evaluation.

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