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websites:  http://www.jazzboulevard.com

Bookings:  (250)354-4579

Short BIO:
2009 is turning out to be a big year for Cheryl Hodge. Having just completed her high energy fusion album, "INDIGO" (2009) with Juno winning trumpet player, Brad Turner, Saxophonist Tom Colclough, and guitar greats John Stowell & Cliff Maddix; and her smoking hot rhythm section; with bassist Dave Captein and drummer Charlie Doggett; Hodge is raring to go (bring on the tours!) She\'s celebrating her newly found dual citizenship (US/CANADIAN); making touring all that much less of a hassle! PRESENTLY HEADLINING FESTS (booking 2010).  Looking for European connections.

With over 20 years of playing & touring with some of the finest jazz musicians in the U.S. & Canada, Hodge is a gifted pianist and isn\'t afraid to visit the outer stretches of "scatting" territory. Hodge has performed alongside: John Stowell, Mike Stern, Dan Balmer, Hugh Fraser, Dee Daniels, & countless others. Here are links to some of her accomplices. There are annual tours which include jazz festivals, clinics and club performances.