XJAZZ Festival

XJAZZ is Berlin's biggest Jazz Festival (in 2016: 14.000 visitors, 80 concerts in 11 venues). The focus is on projects which are connected with Berlin and alternating partner countries/cities (2014: Iceland, 2015: Israel, 2015: Turkey). XJAZZ also presents genres which are influenced by jazz or are influential for jazz (especially electronic, new classic).

Most venues are existing electronic/indierock clubs - all in a small neighbourhood in Berlin Kreuzberg - the heart of the world famous Berlin electronic scene. Due to these venues, the inclusion of improvised electronic music and catchy artwork, XJAZZ reaches a very young and "non typical" jazz audience.
Artistic Director:
70, Skalitzer Str.
10997 Berlin


X Jazz Berlin - Kreuzberg, 3 - 7 May 2017

by XJAZZ Festival on Tue, 02/05/2017 - 11:23
With around 80 shows in 12 different venues, and 14.000 spectators in 2016, the festival is clearly the biggest Jazz festival of Berlin. We define Jazz, more as a musical approach than a pre-defined aesthetic. For us the idea of Jazz means exploration, spontaneity, and interactive groove. Opening the Jazz spectrum to, say,... read more