Dvoskin Victor

Bassist Victor Dvoskin first gained popularity in the former USSR in the early seventies. He played for nine years with Allegro, a jazz combo led by pianist Nikolai Levinovski, and many audience members claim they attended especially to hear Victor. Soviet jazz critics considered him the number-one bass player of the eighties. He eventually formed his own group The Viktor Dvoskin Quartet, which appeared at the 1990 Grenoble Jazz Festival. The group's first performance was issued on compact disc by the French jazz label Thelonius and it helped earn Victor three stars in the Penguin Guide to Jazz. In 1991, Victor first came to Washington, DC as a part of the Russian/American Jazz Quartet, Jazznost. Other members included Sergei Gurbeloshvili (tenor-sax), Louis Scherr (piano) and Toni Martucci (drums). The group's first compact disc, "Joint Venture," was released on Timeless Records.