Dindin Tata

Ebraima Tata Dindin Jobarteh comes from an aristocratic line of Gambian Griots (traditional Story-tellers). Since childhood he's performed worldwide - solo or with his Salaam Band, representing his country from Zurich to Zanzibar, & from Hamburg to Havana. A debut European release 'Salaam New Kora Music' was followed by projects for various labels including Sterns, Enja, World Series Network, & Network Medien. 'Kanake' (SAM9016) meaning 'Don't Do It' in the Mandinka language, is his latest release. A collaboration of musicians across the spectrum resulting in a blend of classical Western, African & Arabic sounds, its still retains Tata's strong cultural core values. Many of the tracks are topical; 'Tunga Te' is based on his own experiences as a foreigner & a Muslim living abroad-the fear of rejection by the new society which rings so true nowadays. Tata is a permanent member of the famous Circus Afrika! Afrika! production currently touring Europe, & to date, has sold over 2.5 million tickets alone. Thank you to DJ Rita Ray who wrote our CD introduction, to the Directors of Circus Afrika! Afrika! & the Afrika! Afrika! Band for actively supporting us, & to Kerewan Sounds, The Gambia for the regional distribution. Abaraka Backe to you all.