De Rossi Zeno

"I wouldn't want to belong to any club that would have me as a member." (Groucho Marx).. .. ...the estimable Zeno de Rossi on drums, who moved from subtlest gradations of pulsation to kickass powerhouse tub-thumper in the blink of a millisecond (the snail crawls across the edge of the razor blade) - Gary Lucas NYC.. .. Zeno de Rossi was born in Verona, Italy in the year of the dog on Elul 9, 5730 under the sign of virgo. It was a thursday... .. Zeno plays drums in the following bands: SULTRY, SHTIK, MESHUGE KLEZMER BAND, ROPE, MICKEY FINN + CUONG VU, GALLO AND THE ROOSTERS, ENRICO TERRAGNOLI ORCHESTRA VERTICAL, FRANCO D'ANDREA QUARTET / FIVE, VINICIO CAPOSSELA, GUANO PADANO, HOUDINI's CAGE (featuring GREG COHEN), FRANCESCO BEARZATTI TINISSIMA, SLIDE FAMILY, SOUSAPHONIX, ENRICO RAVA PM JAZZ LAB, MIKE PATTON MONDO CANE a.