Boom Boom Room - Jazz Club Tirana



Boom Boom Room Jazz Club in Tirana was opened for the very first time in 1998, when people barely knew about this music genre. This unfavorable start brought a long story of hard, exhausting work and several disappointments, which, after all, has been worth it and satisfying: during the last ten years the Club has accompanied the town’s nightlife with rhythm, trend, originality, joy, harmony and a lot of fun.
Today, conceived to stay away from downtown and its noise (3rd km of the Tirana-Durres Highway), away from the new-eve’s music, from the new-fashion pattern, the Boom Boom Room was built to bring back in people’s memory this magic timeless music, the music of those who make it a way to give and take feelings: Jazz.
“Music is the only art essentially alive. Its elements are the elements themselves of life. Deaf but perceptible, strong and known, you find it everywhere life is.” (I. J. Paderewski)
This is what happens at the Boom Boom Room Jazz Club, people live.
“At that time it was a delirium! Ah, such wonderful days!” , “It was so filled you couldn’t even find a chair to sit…” “ We took a stone from its wall when they wreaked it!” say the “early fans” of the club, “faithful” since 1998.
One of the very first singers in the whole country who performed Jazz music was Vikena Kamenica, who has this kind of strong link with the BBR Club. She was followed then by a lot of national and international-known artists like Flor Luari, Gent Rushi, Brikel Guga, Mariza Ikonomi, Orges Toce, ect.; almost all of them, at the beginning and during their careers, have been performing several unforgettable times at our beloved Jazz Club.
Today, at this third return with a well furnished, roomy and ventilated environment, with original and high-quality services from the bar to the restaurant, the Boom Boom Room offers, every weekend, live music from selected artists. During the rest of the week, you can pleasure yourself with the best of jazz and blues hits of every time.