Cilio Gioconda

Gioconda Cilio was born in Siracusa in 1964.

She starts singing in 1981, after she meets Stefano Maltese. She begins a musical run that for over twenty years of activity brings her to explore different languages, not only as concern jazz standard’s form, but above all transforming or inventing melodies and vocal rhythms that don’t preclude any stylistic front and don’t have no form limit.Describing-evoking-digging the musical idea introduced from the composition, her song, her way of speaking, the ventricular sounds and the words itself, project, settle and fix labyrinthical forms and sometimes visionary perspectives, but always original and extraordinarily charming.

All this allows her to find an own poetic expression, undoubtedly personal.

She immediately receives unanimous consents, both of public and critics, participating in reviews and in national and international festivals.