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"CALVOS" Caribbean jazz trio portrays a unique musical style. This group merges jazz improvisations with dazzling Latin rhythms. The group’s new musical proposal "Post Factum", from the Latin "post" meaning after, and "factum" meaning contrast with what has been said, highlights the ideas, musical form, image and representation of this musical proposal. It captures the experience and characteristics of musicians from Puerto Rico and blends together their ideas to produce a work of excellence. The word fusion means the action or effect of merging ideas and its manifestation of "energy". It is the melting of three races; Taino, European, and African; the aboriginal celebration, the European romance, and the African rhythms. The “CALVOS” portray a close relationship between the XIX century romantic styles of the Danza, and Jazz created at the beginning of the XX century which blends Bomba, Mambo, Salsa, Afro, Samba, Avant-Garde, Swing, Afro-Jazz, and Ballad rhythms which makes "CALVOS" a special group.