Bland Walter "Spicy"


I want to explore the synthesis of different music with jazz and different art forms. Also, be engaged in the arts globally and to make a difference socially. ~ Walter Bland Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) October 06, 2011
Seasoned pianist, composer, educator and inspirational leader Walter "Spicy" Bland was born into a family of artists in Springfield Massachusetts. Spicy studied at Emerson College, Berklee College of Music and the Springfield Conservatory of Music in Massachusetts.

  • Steve Hemingway (the first black writer in television history for CBS Playhouse 90) had Spicy compose the music for his show “Brother love,” which was the first African American sitcom produced by African Americans in the history of television. Spicy continued to work with Hemingway and wrote the music for the first black news program, fittingly called 'Black News' on Channel 7
  • Spicy won the "Action for Children's Television" award for his work on the PBS series "Infinity Factor" and an Ohio State award for music composed and used in the NPR special "Lola Leroy." Spicy also composed the sound track music for hit HBO television series "OZ."
  • Recently Spicy finished soundtrack music for TV One's: "Love Addiction Video Game"

Cab Calloway Foundation:
"One of my greatest thrills was to co-arrange a Cab Calloway medley and perform it with CC Calloway during the Rochester Music Hall of Fame 2012 induction ceremony for Cab Calloway” (Bland). Other inductee icons; Chuck Mangione, Gene Cornish, Dariot Dwyer, Joe English, Charles Strouse, Jeff Tyzik and Jenny Lind.
Spicy and Dr. Mona Scott (who received the Congressional medal of honor in education) are currently working on curriculums, music (including the new instrument called the Vibracanz, which was presented to Roy Ayers for endorsement) and arts programs for Head Start centers nationally. They are incorporating it with the national youth program recruitment campaign via Drums across America and Americans Feeding Americans in collaboration with the Cab Calloway Foundation.

For the love of it!
"I teach piano and composition and enjoy how today's technology offers possibilities. I love the flower garden of cultures; I have collaborated with painters, writers, dancers, and poets. I love it all! I strive for my music to connect to the right opportunities so that I can become what I want in my heart without compromising my soul. It is about finding the right synergy".

  • Spicy has written a full-featured animated film that is being reviewed for production by Don Bluth Film, Inc.
  • Spicy is scoring music for an Opera in collaboration with Dr. Mona Scott at the Black Repertory Theatre Company in California.
  • He also composed music for a musical and dance piece that is in development called "Faucets" and a musical called "Belly".
  • Spicy assisted Zorina London (singing star and talk show host in Asia) in a "Human Trafficking" song.

Discography ...
Featured artist on the Jazz Network Worldwide: The Jazz Network Worldwide is excited for Walter's new projects for they truly have a potpourri of flavors that capture a multi-genre layering that blends with a signature all its own says Jaijai Jackson, creator of The Jazz Network Worldwide.
Goliath Promotions, a world-wide multi-media distributor of films, music and broadcast has released and featured one of Spicy and friends singles on the 'new' international music and entertainment mobile/internet site, 'Simpozia'.
Other sounds… "The Walter Bland Trio" "Jazz and the Spoken Word", are featuring David Nelson (one of the original Last Poets) and Amina Baraka wife of Leroi Jonen.
Earmail… "Live For Today"
Sax and Keys… "An Evening With You"
"Sweet Gumbo" -CD


It is always encouraging as a musician, to be inspired by the works of other musician's...Walter "Spicy" Bland's new album "Sweet Gumbo" did just that! His improvisation warms the heart and soothes the soul. Thank you Walter

— Jazz vocalist Carmen Bradford, singer for the Count Basie Band

Spicy's inspiring music is truly saturated with all musical genres, infused with a magical, memorable element that many of today's composer's don't explore, and that is melody...Sit back, relax and sail with Spicy Bland through moments of love, laughter, sensuality, tears and joy. The genius of creating unforgettable music is Bland's forte"

—Jazz vocalist Rita Graham, former Ray Charles Raelette, featured with The Harry James Orchestra, Mercer Ellington Orchestra,Duke Ellington Orchestra, Oscar Peterson, and Kenny Burrell.