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Artists on tour 2004/2005 On Tour in april, september, november 2004 and all season 2004/2005Farida Muhammad Ali and  the iraki Maqâm Ensemble Farida Muhammad Ali was born in Kerbela, mythical town of the muslim chiisme in south Iraq, where the tradition of women’s singing was tolerated. With her Iraqi maqâm ensemble, the tchâlghî baghdâdi, she express through her songs the sophistication of ancient courts as well as a rich popular repertoire. Farida, both generous and down to earth, lends new fervour and great warmth to this musical genre. On tour in May Mai 2004 and in October / November 2004Sheikh Ahmad Al TuniSultan of the Munshidîn from Upper-Egypt The great egyptian munshid Ahmad al Tuni, a master of the inshad, chants almost in the manner of an actor from earlier times declaiming his lines. He holds his Sipa (The Muslim rosary)in one hand and accompanies his poetry with expressive gestures and mime. His body moves nervously to and for, from side to side, as if to mark the violently forceful the daf and the egyptian tabla. He recalls better than anyone those singers of former timesknow as the mutrib,literally « one who creates tarab »,the singer who produced the ideal blend of emotion from the mingling of words and voice.Ahmad al-Tuni's charisma is such that he stands out as one of the last truly great singers of his kind, those of another era where lyricism and the voluptuous sensuality of the words had their place, where the voice alone could provoke mystical love, desire, passion and the feeling of leaving the body. On tour in July 2004ChérifaSheikha of Middle Atlas Her artistic singing was first particularly appreciated at the Paris Autumn Festival during the "Temps du Maroc" (Moroccan season). At first mysterious and secret, Cherifa's voice then breaks out into the frenzy of the Bendir drums conveying the volcanic strength and the wild beauty of her Middle-Atlas mountain. This berber singing is poetry construed around a whole philosophy of life rich in teachings and wisdom on this peole’s conception of the world, in a highly metaphoric style, made up of images where eveything is stated in half-tones. On tour in June/July 2004 and in may/june 2005Divana, Musicians of Rajasthan, and dancers Teratali et Kalbelya The Manghaniyar and Langa musicians and poets who come from the Thar desert of Rajasthan look like charming kings whose beauty and virtuosity remind us of the majesty of their environment. Manghaniyar and Langa art meanders between leamed and popular tradition. Since 1985, Divana have performed on the most famous stages: Theatre de la Ville in Paris, Festival d’automne, Opéra Garnier, Lucerne, Sydney, have met Pina Bausch, Ariane Mnouchkine, Yehudi Menuhin, Bartabas. They are making a come back after a few years of absence, during which they gave way to children “Chota Divana”, who could be revealed to the European public. On tour in december 2004 and in may/june 2005The Musicians of the NilGypsies from Upper-Egypt Issued from the furthest reaches of Upper-Egypt and wearing the traditionnal dark garment called gallabiyas and the typical oriental turban, The Musicians of the Nile  have been singing all over the world and playing expertly on their rababa (the oriental violin) over these last 25 years to share with an increasing audience the warm-hearted and legendary music of their traditionnal nomad festivities. On tour in August 2004Kek Lang, Roms from Hungary Their songs explode on the scene like so many fragments of humanity, their parties are utterly euphoric rituals defying all the industrial and technological coldness so characteristic of this day and age. This is exactly the frame of mind behind the singing of Kek Lang (which incidentally means "Blue flame" in Hungarian), and we should be in the same frame of mind ourselves when we partake of this simple and refreshing joviality. On tour all the year Tchavolo Schmitt QuartetGypsy jazz There is probably no microphone able to catch the whole burst of this guitar, full of emotions.  In order to grasp the intensity of this music, one must attend a concert or even better share the inexpressible moments encountered in gipsy meetings.“Tchavolo Schmitt is for gipsy people what Tomatito (Cameron de la Isla’s guitarist) is for Andalusian tzigans”. Tony Gatlif On tour all the yearMandino Reinhardt QuintetGypsy jazz, and singing There is not longer any need to present Mandino a guitarist with a rich musical past who has consciously avoided the cliché inherent in style and has shown his open-mindedness fairly rare in this circle, without ever forgetting his origins : fluid phrasing, great purity of sound, precision of the strike up, clear improvisation, major musicality and delicacy of the technique of this strong willed stylist. With his brother Sony singing gypsy songs and Costel Nitescu, roman virtuoso violonist, the Mandino Quintet introduce new sound to the gypsy jazz.New CD in february 2004 (Le Chant du Monde / Harmonia Mundi) Contact booking:Zaman ProductionContact@zamanproduction.comwww.zamanproduction.comTel/Fax: 00 33 02 40 29 05 51