Zamàn Production - Artists on tour 2005/2006

Artists on tour 2005/2006 CHERIFA (Morocco) - July / December 2005Her artistic singing was first particularly appreciated at the Paris Autumn Festival during the « Temps du Maroc » (Moroccan season). At first mysterious and secret, Cherifa’s voice then breaks out into the frenzy of the Bendir drums conveying the volcanic strength and the wild beauty of her Atlas, Jean-Hervé +33 (0)2 40291579, LES MUSICIENS DU NIL - July 2005As popular as the European bards and minstrels of the Middle Ages, these musicians (of gipsy origin) come from Upper-Egypt and wear the traditionnal dark garment called gallabiyas and the typical oriental turban. They’ve been singing all over the world and playing expertly on their rababa (the oriental violin) over these last 25 years to share with an increasing audience the warm-hearted and legendary music of their traditionnal nomad, Fanny +33 (0)2 40080735, SHEIKH AHMAD AL TÛNI – March-April 2005 / July 2005 / Autumn 05Sultan of the Munshidîn from Upper-Egypt Ahmad Al Tuni was successfully produced for the 1st time 3 years ago in the most famous parisian theatre Le Théâtre de la Ville and was also present in Tony Gatlif film Vengo (which received the academy award for the best film soundtrack in 2000). At 70, he’s one of the greatest sufi singers (Munsheed) from, Jean-Hervé +33 (0)2 40291579, GULÇAN KAYA – June-July 2005 / Autumn 05Voix d’Anatolie TURQUIEHer voice charms the ear and touches the soul. It has a particular tone distinguishing her from most of her colleages. Gülcan Kaya possesses a repertoire of anonymous songs collected from all over Anatolia: “alevis” songs, love songs, dance tunes, “zeybek” songs from the Aegean Sea and songs from the Black, Jean-Hervé +33 (0)2 40291579, MONAJAT YULTCHIEVA - October-November 2005Ouzbekistan The name of Monajat Yulchieva, the brightest star in the contemporary classical Uzbek music scene, actually means «ascent to God», which reflects the very essence of Sufism. She also represents the Sufi concept of sil si/a, the continuity of the spiritual chain, as the guardian of a musical tradition handed down to her from her spiritual and musical murshid (teacher and mentor) Shavkat, Jean-Hervé +33 (0)2 40291579, DIVANA - May-June 2005Gypsy’s music, songs and dances from Rajasthan The Manghaniyar and Langa musicians and poets who come from the Thar desert of Rajasthan look like charming kings whose beauty and virtuosity remind us of the majesty of their environment. Manghaniyar and Langa art meanders between learned and popular tradition. Since 1985, Divana have performed on the most famous stages : Theatre de la Ville in Paris, Festival d’automne, Opéra Garnier, Lucerne, Sydney, have met Pina Bausch, Ariane Mnouchkine, Yehudi Menuhin, Bartabas. They are making a come back after a few years of absence, during which they gave way to the children « Chota Divana », who could be revealed to the European, Fanny +33 (0)2 40080735, CHOTA - November 2005« Manghaniyars » et « langas » children from RajasthanAlready virtuoso, these children are the young hopefuls of the popular traditions. With their music, they give a lesson of happiness to the public. The chidren, all between 9 and 14 years old, have crossed Europe to prove their determination to carry on this centuries-old heritage, in spite of a social and ecological environment that is becoming more and more hostile to this oral, Fanny +33 (0)2 40080735, KEK LANG - Summer 2005Their songs vibrate with humanity, laughter and warmth and their well-known festivities challenge the industrial and technological uniformity of modern life. No wonder Kek Lang means in the Hungarian language « Blue Flame » which rekindles straight forward, stimulating, Mathilde +33 (0)2 40290694, TCHAVOLO SCHMITT - 05-06, summer 2005Gypsy guitarist from Strasbourg Peaceful and burning, Tchavolo has already touched Tony Gatlif by becoming one of the characters of his movie « Latcho Drom ». He is now the pretext for the producer’s last film « Swing » (March 20th). Since this events, he makes concert whole over the Europe., Mathilde +33 (0)2 40290694, TRANSLAVE - 05-06, summer 2005Five musicians,four cultures (Romania,Bielorussia,Moldavia,France)come together to create original music subject to numerous influences : imaginary folklore somewhere between the gypsy spirit,the poetry of the Slavic soul and Yiddish rhythms. Between stirring tunes and nostalgic melodies,TRANSLAVE,offers a musical journey over an imaginary bridge which would link Minsk to Tulcé, Mathilde +33 (0)2 40290694, ASIF ALI KHAN - July 2005 / November 2005Asif Ali Khan belongs to a family of famous musicians ; while his grand father Santoo sang the first qawali ever to be brodcoast, Manzoor Santoo Khan, his father, quickly rose to international fame. Asif Ali Khan was greatly influenced by his ustad, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, who regarded him as one of his most talented students and took him on one of his indian, Fanny +33 (0)2 40080735, FARIDA MOHAMMED ALI - July 2005 / Season 05-06et l’ensemble de Maqâm irakien - IrakFarida Mohammed Ali was born in Kerbela, mythical town of the muslim chiisme in south Iraq, where the tradition of women’s singing was tolerated. With her Iraqi maqâm ensemble, the tchâlghî baghdâdi, she express through her songs the sophistication of ancient courts as well as a rich popular repertoire. Farida, both generous and down to earth, lends new fervour and great warmth to this musical, Jean-Hervé +33 (0)2 40291579, Marionnettes, musiques et danses des cours royales de Birmanie - May-June 2005Myanmar Puppet Theatre, Musics and Dances from the Court of Myanmar Myanmar marionette theater (Yoke Thay) — once a highly esteemed royal pastime — is a show not merely of stringed wooden dolls, but of life-like human substitutes The kingdom of Myanmar, for a long time closed to the outside world, mysterious and covered with thousands of gilded stupas towering up, spear like, towards the sky, appeals without answers, fossils from a time, +33 (0)2 40290551, Khene Mo Lam et Saw Pi-Joom - January 2005 / 05-06Thailande Yet, in some villages of the Lanna area (near the chinese border) and of the Isaan region (near the lao border), some incredible musical traditions have been preserved and are still fully alive as part of the dailylife of the unhabitants. Both conveying the soft and subtle influences from China and the amazing energy and vigour of the rythms of popular musics, the famous mouth organ called Khen, accompanied by the Mo Lam songs and the Pi-Joom Ensemble (composed of bambou-made kind of flute) reveal the thousand identities of Thailand : both wild and extremely sophisticated, both strong and soft, traditional and, +33 (0)2 40290551, Zamàn ProductionAlain Weberbooking contacts: Jean-Hervé Vidal, Mathilde Masson, Fanny Pastre37 rue de CoulmiersF - 44000 Nantes (France)Tel/fax: +33 (0)2 40290551, +33 (0)6 22807649e-mail: prod@zamanproduction.comwebsite: