Zamàn Production - Artist roster 2004-2005-2006

Zamàn Production introduce Artist on tour 2004/2005 - 2005/2006 Gülcan Kaya, in the heart of Anatolia (Turkey): june - july 2005  &  2005/06"Her voice charms the ear and touches the soul. It has a particular tone distinguishing her from most of her colleages. A voice sometimes embellished with the wavering intonations of a vibrato. Loyal to tradition in her singing and a confirmed artist, Gülcan Kaya possesses a repertoire of anonymous songs collected from all over Anatolia: "alevis" songs, love songs, dance tunes, "zeybek" songs from the Aegean Sea and songs from the Black Sea." - Jacques Erwan, Théâtre de la Ville (concert on the 22TH of November 2004 in "Theatre de la Ville" in Paris) Farida Muhammad Ali and The Iraqi Maqam ensemble (Irak): march - july 2005, 2005/06"Farida Muhammad Ali was born in Kerbela, mythical town of the muslim chiisme in south Iraq, where the tradition of women's singing was tolerated. With her Iraqi maqâm ensemble, the tchâlghî baghdâdi, she express through her songs the sophistication of ancient courts as well as a rich popular repertoire. Farida, both generous and down to earth, lends new fervour and great warmth to this musical genre." - Alain WeberTo listen to Farida, please click on: Sheikh Ahmad Al Tuni, Sultan of the Munshîdin from Upper-Egypt: march - april 2005, July 2005 & 2005/06"The great egyptian munshid Ahmad al Tuni, a master of the inshad, chants almost in the manner of an actor from earlier times declaiming his lines. He holds his Sipa (The Muslim rosary) in one hand and accompanies his poetry with expressive gestures and mime. His body moves nervously to and for, from side to side, as if to mark the violently forceful the daf and the egyptian tabla. He recalls better than anyone those singers of former timesknow as the mutrib,literally «one who creates tarab», the singer who produced the ideal blend of emotion from the mingling of words and voice." - Alain Weber To listen to Sheikh Al Tuni, please click on: Munâdjât Yulchieva, Voice and Soul of Uzbékistan: october - november 2005"The name of Munadjat Vulchieva, the brightest star in the contemporary classical Uzbek music scene, actually means "ascent to God", which reflects the very essence of Sufism. She also represents the Sufi concept of sil-si/a, the continuity of the spiritual chain, as the guardian of a musical tradition handed down to her from her spiritual and musical murshid (teacher and mentor) Shavkat Mirzaev. He in turn inherited this knowledge from his father, the renowned musician Muhammadjan Mirzaev, founder of Uzbek rubab, to whom the knowledge was passed on by the legendary master musicians Fahriddin Sadykov and Djurshan Sultanov." - Jean trouillet Cherifa, The poetry of the Middle-Atlas (Maroc): july 2005 "At first mysterious and secret, Cherifa's voice then breaks out into the frenzy of the Bendir drums conveying the volcanic strength and the wild beauty of her Middle-Atlas mountain. This berber singing is poetry construed around a whole philosophy of life rich in teachings and wisdom on this people's conception of the world, in a highly metaphoric style, made up of images where eveything is stated in half-tones." - Alain WeberTo listen to Cherifa, please click on: In order to get more informations about these artists and the conditions of their coming in your place, please contact us 33 (0)2 40 29 15 79 and 33 (0) 6 85 71 98 56 or by e-mail. For booking, contact:Zamàn Production37 rue de CoulmiersF - 44000 NANTES (France)tel. +33 (0)2 40291579, +33 (0)6 85719856e-mail: jeanherve@zamanproduction.comwebsite: