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Legendary, 71 years old, Sonny Simmons and his Cosmosamatics on tour in Europe ! (Cosmosamatics tour arranged in cooperation with Andreas Scherrer)Sonny Simmons and CosmosamaticsSonny Simmons - alto saxophone, english hornMichael Marcus - straight saxophones, baritone saxophone, clarinetsJay Rosen - drumslast minute offer: only 2 free dates - April 18 and 22, 2004Below last CD review.more info and links on www.concerts.pl/eng/?st=69     Septeto Nacional - Cuban son music legend on tour in Europe in April and May 2004 !!! www.concerts.pl/septeto_eng/   tour schedule and free dates below and on website: www.concerts.pl/septeto_eng/?st=55   also last minute booking and low fee !!! especially between April 25 and 29      For information, contact: Dariusz Startekul. Tytusa 14 A / 172-006 Szczecin - Mierzyn (Poland)phone/fax: +48.91.4868874mobile: +48.501.547225e-mail: office@concerts.plwebsite: www.concerts.pl   Sonny Simmons CD review It was a tremendous return in the mid nineties for Sonny Simmons, an avantgarde alto saxophonist from the west coast who recorded a couple of remarkable LPs on ESP in the sixties (a.o. with Eric Dolphy: Iron Man, Conversations, Dolphy Sound, Jitterbug Waltz, Music Matador). Sonny Simmons was always cited as one of the great post Ornette Coleman altoists but his real big influence was the music of Charlie Parker he listened to as a young man. With his recent band "The Cosmosamatics" he has found his creative center.  At the same time Sonny is celebrating his 70th birthday (4 august 2003) he is more productive than ever. The "Salutes Charlie Parker" is just the most recent project he and fellow reedman Michael Marcus have set up in the last years. Like in his legendary recordings from the sixties, Sonny is still the juvenile and crazy boy he has always been. His stage presence is an essential part of a Cosmosamatics performance. The performances usually lead to mutual man-to-man reed conversations between Sonny Simmons and Michael Marcus surrounded by cosmic bass lines and out of this world drumming.  The band has already released 2 CDs on the american "Boxholder Records" label and their concert at the Banlieues Bleues Jazz Festival in 2003 was just released on Bleu Regard Records throughout europe. Another release on Boxholder and their first release on Black Saint in Italy early in 2004 are ahead too. Michael Marcus is the gifted reed player that prefers the "strange horns" and he has been a "musician's musician" for many years and became a regular member of Sonny Simmons bands since his return to the stage. Their years of cooperation and mutual appreciation lead to the "Cosmosamatics" concept you can hear now. Michael Marcus also appeared on solo projects, with his trio but also in duos with the late Jaki Byard. Michael has just released his trio album "Blue Reality" on Black Saint Records and a solo CD "Speakin` Out" on Drimala Records. Latest CD: "Live at Banlieues Bleues" Bleu Regard Records/France, 2003.