WINTER-SPRING-SUMMER 2013 - Available tours!

  Libas Traum Trio LIBA VILLAVECCHIA, tenor and soprano saxes. PAUL STOUTHAMER, cello. CASPAR HODGKINSON, drums, percussion. Available dates anytime during 2013 Vandermark, Kurzmann and Brandlmayr CHRISTOF KURZMANN, vocals,  electronics. KEN VANDERMARK, reeds. MARTIN BRANDLMAYR, drums, percussion. Available dates from February 14 until 24, 2013 Made to Break KEN VANDERMARK, reeds. TIM DAISY, percussion. CHRISTOF KURZMANN, electronics. DEVIN HOFF, bass. Available dates from February 28 until March 10, 2013 Digital Primitives COOPER-MOORE, piano, diddley-bo, percussion, flute, ashimba, mouth bow, hoe-handle harp. ASSIF TSAHAR, tenor sax, bass clarinet. CHAD TAYLOR, drums. Available dates from March 1 until 17, 2013 Jessika Kenney & Eyvind Kang - Sound Actions JESSIKA KENNEY, voice. EYVIND KANG, viola. Available dates during april/may, 2013 Ken Vandermark "Mark in The Water" KEN VANDERMARK, reeds. Available dates from May 9 to 19, 2013 Filthy Habits Ensemble EL PRICTO, alto sax, clarinet, conductor and arrangements; DIRECTOR LÓPEZ-WILKINS, electric guitar and archive; GUILLERMO CALLIERO, trumpet; LIBA VILLAVECCHIA, tenor and soprano sax; DON MALFON, baritone, alto, and soprano sax; SEBI SUÁREZ, electric bass; VASCO TRILLA, drums; JO MIRAMONTES, keyboard and synthesizer. Available dates from May 9 to 19, 2013 Fire Room LASSE MARHAUG, electronics. KEN VANDERMARK, reeds. PAAL NILSSEN-LOVE, drums. Available dates from May 24 until June 8, 2013 Alborada : Early flamenco meets jazz project Tribute to Ramón Montoya and Fernando Vilches DAVID LIEBMAN, tenor, flute and soprano sax. DANI DE MORÓN, flamenco guitar. GUILLERMO McGILL, cajón, percussion, drums. MANUEL POSADAS "POPO", electric bass. July 2013; Looking for festivals and special events. Resonance Ensemble KEN VANDERMARK (USA), tenor & baritone saxes, clarinet. MAGNUS BROO (Sweden), trumpet. TIM DAISY (USA), drums. PER-AKE HOLMLANDER (Sweden), tuba. DAVE REMPIS (USA), tenor & alto saxes. STEVE SWELL (USA), trombone. MARK TOKAR (Ukraine), bass. DEVIN HOFF, bass. MIKOLAJ TRZASKA (Poland), alto sax, bass clarinet. WACLAW ZIMPEL (Poland), clarinet. MICHAEL ZERANG (USA), drums, percussion. July 2013; Looking for festivals and special events. Lean Left = The Ex Guitars meets Nilssen-Love/Vandermark Duo ANDY MOOR, right guitar. TERRIE EX, left guitar. KEN VANDERMARK tenor saxophone & Bb clarinet. PAAL NILSSEN-LOVE, drums. On tour, available dates from August 30th to September 14, 2013 El Infierno Musical CHRISTOF KURZMANN, vocals, electronics, alto saxophone, electric guitar. KEN VANDERMARK, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, clarinet. EVA REITER, viola da gamba, contrabass recorder, dan bao, CLAYTON THOMAS, bass. MARTIN BRANDLMAYR, drums, vibraphone. On tour, available dates from September 16 to 29, 2013 Available Artists, Available Dates - The Sooner, The Better; book your date now! Please, without any compromise, do not hesitate asking for whatever you need about it : music, bios, photos, budget, etc... All is available as fast as posible. ¡let ´s keep enjoying the best music live! Best Wishes! Sergio Merino c.+34 619 440 484!/ARCOYFLECHA skype:silverzorrito L ´Alzina, 21 08024 - Barcelona, Spain