VIII° Chiasso Culture and Jazz Music Festival

« Paris – Tabou » VIII° Chiasso culture and jazz music festival 27th, 28th  and 29th January 2005 – former Calida factory The eighth edition of the Chiasso Jazz Festival takes us in a journey moving backwards in time: to Paris, in the post-war years, in the effervescent Liberation atmosphere. It’s the day after of tremendous tragedies: the nazi crematories, the Stalinist gulags.The long war and occupation years made them accustomed with rationality, order, precision: the existentialists upset these habits, and propose a radically different universe, full of craziness and poetry, of disorder and surprises. It’s not only the fancy of shabby hair, androgynous appearances and squared shirts. The young philosophes want to count, judge history, say “dirty words”, communicate the sense of a deep existential trouble. It’s not a question of absolving or condemning, but rather of understanding the absurd, the nausea, the anguish and the freedom, to whom, as Sartre said, we are condemned. And of dealing with the most genuine passions: jazz, good eating but also love, craziness of life, philosophy as daily experience.Paris, St. Germain, Tabou (one of the historical Parisian jazz clubs, evocated in the festival’s title): names which became a symbol and a remembrance: the black among the existentialists, Jean Paul Sartre (of whom the birth centenary will be celebrated in 2005), Boris Vian, la Rive Gauche, Albert Camus, Jacques Prévert. And also: Juliette Greco, Barbara, Ferré, Brel and Trenet. And then the trouble of living and the (French) art of ill humour and ill love. Those inexpressible existentialist atmospheres and the extraordinary musicians who enlivened the smoky caves of St. Germain will be evocated in the new edition. However, it won’t be a nostalgia Festival but rather a chance to explore new sonorities and new musical research plans, which have their roots just at that time, between the Forties and the Fifties. During the three evenings there will actually be many events which shouldn’t be missed. Among the prominent guests: • the quartet of the charismatic Toots Thielemans (Thursday 27th January), universally known as European jazz representative, who contributed almost by himself, to introduce the mouth-organ in jazz. Now, at the age of 83, Tooth has a wide not only jazz audience who appreciate his capacity to create an emotional relation with them, managing to join sweetness and bitterness in a bunch of notes. • Daniel Humair (Saturday 29th January) was, still very young, one of the stars of St. Germain des Prés, playing among others with Stéphane Grappelli, Lucky Thompson, Chet Baker, the Swingle Singers, Phil Woods. In Chiasso, the Swiss drummer is going to propose a special project combining past and present of the made in Paris jazz, looking back to the myths of St.Germain’s and moving to pure contemporaneity. Among those who will join the band, the historical saxophonist François Jeanneau and some new talents: the pianist Cédric Piromalli and the accordionist Vincent Peirani. • Another prominent guest will be Nicola Conte (Friday 28th January), original character as producer, composer, dj, sound organizer, who, in his recent Blue Note CD, surrounded himself with the best of the current young Italian jazz scene. Conte will also perform as dj on the closing date, Saturday 29th. In the program it has also to be signaled: . the concert of Bugge Wesseltoft band, one of the leading figure on the Scandinavian new jazz scene.. the French drummer, composer & bandleader Aldo Romano project, about the legendary «american in Paris» saxophon & clarinet player Sydney Bechet.. the set of virtuose gyspy guitar player Tchavolo Schmitt with his quartet, in the pure jazz   manouche tradition. the amazing minimal groovy jazz of Tonus, suisse collective leaded by the young saxophone player Don Li. Nine concerts, three dj-sets (after 24.00) and other events, in a programme as usual open to new contaminations between music, movies and philosophy, in order to relaunch one of the season’s most awaited festivals and to reaffirm its innovative and multidisciplinary style, open to the international jazz outline.In the suggestive Calida former factory, a large range of fine food and drinks will be proposed to connect musical and eating delights, in a perfect existentialist style. Culture and jazz music Festival committee  Visit for the complete program and information. Press office:Ellecistudio - Como (I).  Tel. +39 031 301037, fax +39 031 299028, e-mail