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OmarGerard PresencerSeven Eleven “the real P-funk”Zimar (contemporary Palestinian music)Octurn Määk’s SpiritElliott Cane Quintet/sextet Melvin Lee Davis OMAR Over the past 10 years, Omar has received massive critical acclaim both in Europe and the U.S. He is the only British artist to be unanimously recognized as a major influence to an entire generation of black American acts including D'Angelo, Maxwell, Gill Scott Erykah Badu (who duets with Omar on the current album) and even Stevie Wonder.When Omar’s ‘There’s Nothing Like this’ rang around London in the summer of 1990, the music industry was stunned by its lack of awareness of such a great song. Omar the classically trained singer and musician of a Chinese Jamaican father and Indian mother had arrived.The image was compelling. Sartorially distinctive – a high top fade haircut which has since evolved into locks, he posed as many questions as he answered, Soul Man? Reggae Man? Jazz Head? – well all of these and then some.By 1991 the major labels could resist no longer and Omar, sensing an outlet for his wider aspirations, said yes to a proposal of marriage from Giles Peterson’s ‘Talkin’ Loud’ label. The liaison produced a fine album in the 1992 set ‘Music’. The album for all its musical excellence stalled at the starting gate and the relationship with ‘Talkin’ Loud’ soured. “The people who had my interests at heart weren’t the people who were controlling the budget. What matters in getting your record out there is the dollars”.Classically trained (Omar plays pretty much everything!), "BEST BY FAR" showcases Omar's vision of mixing soul with classical, funk and jazz arrangements, "I've never got over the beauty of string arrangements - I've always dreamed of being able to combine them with the spiritual depth of soul music."The first single, "Something Real" was Omar at his ‘up-tempo’ finest and a dynamic introduction to the new album. "In The Morning" recasts John Barry's theme from Midnight Cowboy. Another gem is a gorgeous re-working of the William De Vaughn penned "Be Thankful" alongside Erykah Badu.  Omar also recorded "Be Thankful" with Angie Stone.  As well as the retro-funky "Come On" which features UK soul-girl Kele Le Roc. Omar has always been hailed as "the originator of nu-classic soul". A decade on and Omar is still the best by far. * * * * * GERARD PRESENCER Gerard Presencer - trumpet & flugelhornGeoffrey Keezer - Fender Rhodes piano & MoogJoe Locke - vibraphoneAdam Goldsmith & John Parricelli - guitarsJeremy Brown - accoustic & electric bassTommy Wadlow - accoustic pianoChris Dagley – drums music sampler on http://www.actmusic.com/sound/9422_3.mp3 "Chasing Reality" (ACT MUSIC) "Easily his best outing to date" (Jazzwise). Multi-award winning Gerard Presencer is known as much for his jazz playing as his work with the likes of Sting, Us3, Radiohead, Charlie Watts and Tina Turner. For his first release on ACT, he plays trumpet and flugelhorn, using a hand-picked band including Joe Locke on vibes and Geoff Keezer on Fender Rhodes and Moog in original music commissioned for Birmingham Jazz. He proves himself to be "a virtuoso improviser with spontaneity, freshness of phrasing and rhythmic astuteness" (The Guardian). Gerard Presencer is universally recognized as one of the best trumpet / flugelhorn players in his field. He was first noticed on the world stage at the age of 18, for his work with Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts, who he continues to work with; writing, producing and playing. However he is probably best known for his solo work on the 3 million selling album by US3, Hand on the Torch on Bluenote. It is Gerards' trumpet that is featured so heavily on the big hit of that CD, Cantaloop.On the British Jazz scene, Gerard has won the trumpet category of the British Jazz Awards 4 times, most recently in 2002.He has recorded with Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea and vibraphonist Joe Locke alongside with Bob Berg. Gerard has always played many diverse forms of music. He has recently completed work on a filmscore with Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead. He has played and written for many others, including Jamiroquai, Ray Charles, Robbie Williams, Joni Mitchell and James Brown. Gerard collaborated on an unplugged project, culminating with a duo performance of Roxanne on the BBC's Top of the Pops with Sting.As an improvisor, Gerard has been called upon to improvise in many different situations.He has also been an active composer, writing for large and small ensembles in different genres. Gerard has two previous albums available on Linn Records (UK):Platypus and The Optimist. "Chasing Reality" marks his debut as ACT recording artist.Gerard is Professor of Jazz and Popular Music at the Hochschule für Musik, Hanns Eisler, Berlin and Director of the Jazz Department at the Royal Acaemy of Music, London. * * * * * SEVEN ELEVEN New release with special guest: Fred Wesley HOT ‘N’ FUNKY TOUR 2004 website: www.seveneleven.nlJewl - vocalsAre MC - rapDodge - bassDice - guitarKeyflow - keyboardsCaptain Hurk - drums Seven Eleven horns:Carlo Banning - alto saxJelske Hoogervorst - tenor saxMichael Rörby - trombone SEVEN ELEVEN is considered the European formation in the field of funk, jazz and hip-hop crossovers.With the help of New York P-Funk guitarist and producer Menace, the band released their debut album The Come Out’ in 1996. This album received outstanding acclaims and after their successful evening-packed full-o-funk tour with Menace as special guest, SEVEN ELEVEN was considered as the European version of famous funk-artists such as George Clinton and Bootsy Collins. Performances on national TV shows followed. Also abroad the band was getting recognition: in July 98 The Come Out’ even became Album of the Month on a Colorado State Radio show in the USA.In April 1999 SEVEN ELEVEN played at a sold-out gig in Holland’s no.1 nightclub The Melkweg in Amsterdam with Gary Mudbone’ Cooper (Bootsy’s Rubber Band) as their special guest. After that event was considered "Champions of funk" by Dutch topjournalists. Parts of that concert were included on their live-album Get 'm down!. In September 1999 the SEVEN ELEVEN funkateers performed in the famous jazz club New Morning’ in Paris.In the year 2000 the band’s international live reputation was growing rapidly and SEVEN ELEVEN-concerts were broadcasted on radio and television in various countries. In 2001 SEVEN ELEVEN was invited to perform at the world-renowned North Sea Jazz Festival. In 2002 the group joined forces with Bride Of Funkenstein Dawn Silva. After concerts in Amsterdam (Paradiso), Utrecht and The Hague Dawn Silva with Seven Eleven’ was thé funky highlight of the North Sea Jazz Festival 2002. In 2003 the group released their third album Hot 'n' funky with special guest Fred Wesley. In february 2004 the album will be released in the U.S.A. * * * * * ZIMAR Contemporary Palestinian Music Habib Shehadeh Hanna- OudYousif Hbeisch- PercussionsRimon Haddad- Electric and Double BassIbrahim Khatib- BuzouqInass Massalha- Vocals (upon request) BackgroundZimar Group was established in the year 2002 when a group of musicians gathered to accomplish a musical experience that holds new attempts for finding a new mode of musical expression. The purpose of this meeting was to create a special kind of music and find a new realm for individual expression within the groupThe experienceOne of the most important goals of the group is to create instrumental music that does not essentially depend on lyrics, as much in the historical Arabic music that developed through singing and not through playing music. The composed music is nourished from the heritage of the old historical Arabic music, the new compositions of the group do not distort that heritage but rather it has its origins from it and develops it. Zimar music ensemble depends on the modern musician that is influenced from the development of the world music, and tries to play music with new techniques from the modern world with the spirit of the historical Arabic music.They present today’s musical programs of its own compositions and arrangements, including instrumental and vocal PiecesZimar is committed to new techniques in playing Oriental music, and also to Arabic music instruments in order to maintain the authenticity of Arabic music going alongside with the influential streams of world music. The group composes its music relying basically and primarily on traditional acoustic Oriental instruments such as the Oud, Buzouq, Tabla and Bandir. The group also uses Western instruments such as the Fretless Bass, Double bass and soprano saxophone, only to adhere the Oriental Techniques of playing music and the authenticity of Arabic music.Zimar has been performing at different sides of Palestine and participated in some local festivals, such as: Yabous Festival -"Voices of Freedom" 2003 in Jerusalem, and "Beit Al-Musica Festival" 2003 in Shefa-Amr. * * * * * Octurn This season we offer 3 different projects Electronic project(this project is only possible if the band can get a proper soundcheck!!)Laurent Blondiau: trumpetJozef Dumoulin: fender rhodesFabian Fiorini: keyboardsJean-Luc Lehr: bassGuillaume Orti: alto Chander Sardjoe: drums, percussionBo Van der Werf: baritoneOtti Van der Werf: bassPierre Van Dormael: guitar+  Dré Pallemaerts: elektronics Octurn Nonet projectLaurent Blondiau: trumpetJozef Dumoulin: fender rhodesFabian Fiorini: keyboardsJean-Luc Lehr: bassGuillaume Orti: alto Chander Sardjoe: drums, percussionBo Van der Werf: baritoneOtti Van der Werf: bassPierre Van Dormael: guitar Octurn Quintet  “Tribu”Fabian Fiorini: keyboardsJean-Luc Lehr: bassChander Sardjoe: drums, percussionBo Van der Werf: baritoneGeoffroy De Masure: trombone NEW PROJECT FEATURING DRE PALLEMAERTS (ELECTRONICS) Octurn recently took up residence with Flagey. This way, the collective can regularly show the public the latest evolution of their work. One of the first phases includes a brand new, electronic project with Dré Pallemaerts. Bo Van der Werf sets the tone with new compositions, in which Dré Pallemaerts gives his machines an absolutely organic part, processing sound and rhythm in real time. Even though this may correspond to the “needs of the composition and support the rhythmic structure, the machines could start a life on their own within the composition anytime, putting it in a completely different light. This project is closely related to "Dimensions", the latest Octurn CD, and is a faithful reflection of Octurn’s current musical orientation. (with the support of the Vlaamse Gemeenschap) * * * * * Määk’s Spirit Laurent Blondiau (trumpet)Jeroen Van Herzeele (tenor saxophone)Michel Massot (tuba, trombone)Otti Vanderwerf (bass)Jean-Yves Evrard (guitar)Eric Thielemans (drums & percussions) Jazz, improvisation and a constant search for new musical colours are Mâäk’s Spirits principle sources of inspiration.  This sextet brings together musicians with strong personalities and very rich and diverse musical backgrounds (Greetings from Mercury, Rêves d’Eléphants Orchestra, Octurn, Baby Boom, Tous Dehors, Dreamtime, Aka Moon, le Gros Cube,…).  Open forms, short hypnotic themes and unexpected rhythms all help to create the free and entrancing sound of Mâäk’s Spirit.  Määk’s Spirit Gnawa Express Summer period only! Mâäk’s Spirits+Maâlem Abdelmajid Domnati (guenbri, voice)Miloud El Hrizi(tbel)Abdenebi Alami (tbel)Ahmed Gdirou (qrâqeb, voice)Jamal Namir (qrâqeb, voice) One of the most respected gnawa ensembles in Morocco. Traditionally Gnawa brotherhoods have always celebrated the famous healing ritual that calls up the spirits through laughter and ecstasy, dance and fury and especially through reaching a the state of trance that can be brought on by the music the mâalem  leads with his troup. * * * * * Elliott Cane Quintet or Sextet Please check out his web page for MP3 at http://www.elliottcaine.com Inspired by '60's "Blue Note" style jazz, The Elliott Caine Sextet isdedicated to soulful, honest and swinging music. The repertoire of the group ranges from original melodies from within the group, to songs penned by the "greats", such as Lee Morgan, Freddie Hubbard, Hank Mobley, et al; from straight-ahead to Latin to funk grooves and soulful ballads. The sextet has recently recorded its second CD of irresistible original melodies. In Los Angeles, Elliott has performed and /or recorded with numerous groups and individuals, including Teddy Edwards, Ernie Andrews, O.C. Smith, Wycliff Jean, Beck, The Beastie Boys, The Machito Orchestra, Rudy Calzado (former collaborator with Celia Cruz), Bobby Matos, Johnny Martinez, Tierra, The Solsonics, legendary jazz drummer Larance Marable; comedian/singer Joey Cheezhee, including appearances on "Entertainment Tonight" and an HBO special, "On The Ledge". Elliott has also performed with the reknowned latin-ska group, Jump With Joey, including three tours of Japan, numerous recordings, and several tours of the USA. Jump With Joey was also the featured musical group at Capitol Records' 50th anniversary party celebration.The Elliott Caine Sextet, inspired by the '60's "Blue Note style" jazz, has performed often in the Los Angeles area, in venues such as The Playboy Jazz Festival, The Jazz Bakery, The House of Blues, Hollywood Park Casino, Baked Potato, Luna Park, LA County Museum of Art, Jazz Equinoxe Festival in Corsica etc. In addition, the group has been invited to perform at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. Their sound is an exciting mix of straight-ahead and Latin Jazz. They are a group to be seen and heard! * * * * * Melvin Lee Davis website: www.melvinleedavis.com Melvin Lee Davis - bass Dave Haynes - drums John Beasley - keyboards Albert Wing -saxophone See him play on http://www.melvinleedavis.com/Mel%204.mpg Now for the first time in Europe with his own band, you can expect some real uptempo shit, a must for bassfreaks! Los Angeles native Melvin Lee Davis was discovered at the tender age of 16 by Buddy Miles, when a horn player from Buddy Miles' band heard Melvin playing in a local club. Buddy Miles flew Davis to New York to audition for his band and immediately hired him. After playing the New York club circuit, Melvin found himself working with Don Cornelius of Soul Train. He has toured and recorded with Chaka Khan, the Pointer Sisters, Lee Ritenour, Bryan Ferry, David Benoit, Larry Carlton, Patti Austin, Gladys Knight, and many other top acts. Davis wrote the theme for the TV show "The Party Machine" and "Soul Train's A Coming" and has appeared on "Johnny Carson", "David Letterman", "Jay Leno", and "Arsenio Hall." Melvin has travelled the world and continues to be in high demand across many genres of music because of his incredible talent and positive demeanor on and off stage. 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