Subtone Concerts - Tours offers 2004

KORNSTAD TRIO (Norway) March 15 – 29, 2004 Håkon Kornstad – saxophone / Mads Eilertsen – bass / Paal Nilssen-Love – drums Three ubiquitous musicians who are among the finest elite of the Norwegian impro-jazz scene. They create sounds and musical moods that shift from pure imrovised voyages and catchy energetic power jazz, to gentle melodic lines and fragile ballads. CD: Space Available (Jazzland, 2002)   GARY LUCAS (USA)                      April 10 – 25, 2004 Available with following projects: 1. "The Edge of Heaven" – Gary Lucas solo - guitars, effects -  2. Gary Lucas &  Jozef van Wissem (renaissance lute, electronics) - 3.Gary Lucas  live scoring the silent film classic "The Golem and How He Came Into The World" (Paul Wegener, 1920) The New York based guitarist – ex-member of Captain Beefheart's Magic Band and collaborator with Jeff Buckley, Joan Osborne, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop a.m.o. – is certainly one of the great innovators of the guitar. CD: The Edge of Heaven (Indigo/Label Bleu, 2002) / Gary Lucas & Jozef van Wissem: Diplopia (BVHaast, 2003)   NED ROTHENBERG (USA)      May 2004 Ned Rothenberg – alto saxophone, bass clarinet, Shakuhachi No other reed player in the jazz history has pursued the difficult undertaking of solo playing and recording with quite such persistency as Ned Rothenberg. For the last twenty years the 45-year-old New Yorker, who also plays in a variety of ensembles (Sync, Double Band, New Winds, ...) has evolved an oeuvre of remarkable coherence and poetry. In the way he combines circular breathing, overblowing, playing through half-opened keys and the technique of using the keys percussively, he forms tonal loops of timeless beauty. Other kinds of music might entertain you, cheer you up or pump the blood, but his clarifies the mind and throws your soul wide open. CD: Intervals (Animul Records, 2002)   GUTBUCKET (USA)      May 14 – 31, 2004 Paul Chuffo - drums / Ty Citerman - guitar / Eric Rockwin - bass / Ken Thomson – saxophone One of the best live acts from downtown New York. Their music is an impolite round table discussion of jazz/punk/funk/rock/20th century classical/Afro-Cuban/polka/free-blowing mayhem. And to really understand what this band is all about, you’ve got to catch them live. They've slam danced upside-down, performed glow-in-the-dark, posed as the Muppet Band, showered their audience with toast, slap-boxed with string quartets, and re-scored their favorite cartoon movies with a side order of pizza. Also available: GUTBUCKET live scoring "Wallace & Gromit"! New CD: Dry Humping The American Dream (Enja, 2003)   NED ROTHENBERG’S DOUBLE BAND (USA)      May 26 – 31, 2004 Ned Rothenberg – alto sax, bass clarinet / Marty Ehrlich – alto & soprano sax, bass clarinet / Jerome Harris – bass, guitar / Stomu Takeishi – bass, guitar / Mike Sarin – drums / Satoshi Takeishi - drums What renders Ned Rothenberg more approachable and, in the end, more significant than many of his peers is the serenity at the heart of his fiercest playing. Even when fronting the Double Band, his long-standing, free-blowing jazz-funk ensemble, Rothenberg infuses solos of breathtaking virtuosity with a rare, peaceful patience. And of course, backed with a line-up like this, Rothenberg and his Double Band are more breathtaking than ever. New CD to be released spring 2004 on Moers Music.   VERNON REID's MASQUE (USA) *                  June 26 – July 11, 2004 Vernon Reid – guitars / Leon Gruenbaum – keyboards / Hank Schroy – bass / Marlon Browden – drums Guitarist and composer Vernon Reid's art is a work forever in progress, from his formative years on the downtown new York jazz/funk/punk scene with the Decoding Society, to his leadership of the pioneering multi-platinum rock band Living Colour, for its leadership he's probably best known. Masque is his project to present his high-class combination of rock and jazz, hip-hop and soul, first shown on the band's release "Mistaken Identity". New album to be released in April!   STRUCTURE (USA) *   August 15 - 31, 2004 Greg Osby – saxophone / Adam Rogers – guitar / Jimmy Haslip – bass / Terri Lyne Carrington - drums This all-star-ensemble features some of the finest musicians on the scene. Osby (Steve Coleman, M-Base-Collective), Rogers (Lost Tribe, Mingus Big Band, Norah Jones), Haslip (Yellowjackets, David Sanborn) und Carrington (Herbie Hancock, Al Jarreau) combine their talents to create a highly original, groovy, funk-infected jazz thunderstorm. New CD to be released in March 2004 on ACT!   PHAROAH SANDERS GROUP (USA) *   September 10 - 25, 2004 Pharoah Sanders – saxophones / William Henderson – piano / Matt Garrison – bass / Will Calhoun – drums The jazz giant and saxophone legend on tour again with his acoustic band. (* in cooperation with Direct Booking, Bln.)   SYLVAIN CHAUVEAU (France)   September 23 – October 10, 2004 Sylvain Chauveau – piano, guitar, toys, sampler Sylvain Chauveau first got known to wider audiences outside his homebase Paris when he supported Sigur Rós on their European tours in 2002 and 2003. His elegant piano-based compositions are primarily guided by passion, by his irrepressible desire to realize beautiful music. Following this desire, he uses a sound only when it is absolutely necessary, he stays as close as possible to the obviousness of silence. This way he brings up wonderful melancholic piano music surrounded with discreet electroacoustic layers. CD: Un Autre Décembre (Fat Cat Records, 2003)   RASHANIM (USA)                October 01 – 15, 2004 Jon Madof – guitar / Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz – bass / Mathias Künzli – drums, percussion Drawing influences including Turkish classical music, indie rock, sacred Jewish melodies, and "downtown“ jazz, Rashanim retains strong ties to various musical traditions while remaining strikingly unique.Their debut album is out on John Zorn's Tzadik Records. The trio is also featured on the Masada Anniversary edition vol. 2 as well as the third volume of the Masada tribut series. Village Voice says: "Rashanim may be one of the best things to happen to Jewish Music since Andy Statman or the Klezmatics". CD: Rashanim (Tzadik, 2003)   RAW MEAT (USA) *              October 28 – November 10, 2004 Elliott Sharp – guitars / Melvin Gibbs – bass / Lance Carter - drums Guitarist Elliott Sharp is one of the most striking personalities of the New York Downtown scene. Since the eighties, along with John Zorn, Arto Lindsay, Bill Frisell, Zeena Parkins, Marc Ribot and Christian Marclay, Sharp has influenced the innovations on the borders where improvised, composed and electronic music, where jazz, blues and rock meet. With Raw Meet, Sharp has formed a trio that cultivates the pleasure of playing, of sound, drive, and expression. It's a power trio with enthralling excursions in the adventurous tonal landscapes based on blues, rock and free music. New CD: Raw Meet (Intakt, 2004)   CLOGS (Australia/USA)                October / November, 2004 Padma Newsome – viola, violin / Bryce Dessner - guitar / Rachael Elliott - bassoon / Thomas Kozumplik – percussion CLOGS' music blends the sounds of contemporary classical music with traditional rhythms and harmonies of folk music from various cultures, and the raw energy of rock music. The New Yorker writes that, "fans of Sigur Ros, the Rachel's, and other post-rock ensembles who know how to listen in respectful silence to a live performance will have no trouble appreciating the softly evocative compositions." With the release of their second record, Lullaby for Sue, Clogs‘ live performances became more rhythmic, ambient, electric, and eclectic. CD: Lullaby For Sue (Brassland /Southern Records, 2003)   JING CHI (USA) *                   October 26 –  November 10, 2004 Robben Ford – guitar, vocals / Jimmy Haslip – bass / Vinnie Colaiuta - drums Jing Chi brings to mind the essence of classic power trios such as Cream crossed with the adventurous sophistication of The Tony Williams Lifetime, yet leaves room for each player’s phenomenal soloing abilities. The collaboration between renowned guitarist Robben Ford, drummer Vinnie Colaiuta (Sting, Frank Zappa, Steely Dan) and bassist Jimmy Haslip (Yellow Jackets, Tommy Bolin, Steely Dan) delivers dynamic blues/rock with jazz flavorings and guarantees great live fusion sets with extended jams. New CD to be released in June!   KAMIKAZE GROUND CREW (USA)                      November 04 - 21, 2004 Peter Apfelbaum – tenor & soprano sax / Art Baron – trombone / Steven Bernstein – trumpet, slide trumpet / Gina Leishman – alto & baritone sax, piano, bass clarinet, vocals / Marcus Rojas – tuba / Doug Wieselman – baritone & tenor sax, clarinet, guitar / Kenny Wollesen - drums The Kamikaze Ground Crew is often referred to as "six horns and a drummer". The ensemble began as musical collaborators with the Flying Karamazov Brothers in 1983, and continues to work in theatrical as well as musical contexts. Since the fall of 1994, The Kamikaze Ground Crew has been playing with a line-up of players based in New York. The wide-ranging influences that the players bring to the group include jazz, European circus and street music, world folk, brass band, chamber music, and rock 'n roll. CD: Covers (Koch Jazz, 2002)   VIBE MUSIC (USA) *              November 27 – December 14, 2004 Jean-Paul Bourelly – guitar, vocals / Marc Batson- organ, vocals / Melvin Gibbs – bass / Will Calhoun - drums Born in Chicago in 1960, Jean-Paul Bourelly is widely known as an unusual singer and guitar virtuoso. After playing for years with jazz stars like Cassandra Wilson, Pharoah Sanders Archie Shepp and Miles Davis, he started his own projects including Blu Wave Bandits, Boom Bop and Vibe Music. With the latter, he plays through jazz, hip-hop, funk and his trademark jungle world blues.     More details (press kits, CDs, etc.) about each project available on request.   For information, contact: Steffen Wilde SUBTONE CONCERTS Huttenstrasse 76 D - 06110 Halle (Germany) phone +49 (0)345-80 63 707 fax +49 (0)345-80 63 708 e-mail