Ralph Gluch - Open dates 2004

OPEN DATES 2004 March / April Kahil El’Zabar’s Trifactor: Kahil El’Zabar (dr, perc), Hamiet Bluiett (bs), Billy Bang (vio.). Open dates: 11th / 12th and 22nd / 23rd / 24th march 2004 Cuong Vu & Scratch: Cuong Vu (tp), Stomu Takeishi (e-b), Ted Poor (dr). Dates: 25th / 27th / 30th march / 1st / 2nd / 4th april 2004. TubaTuba!: Michel Godard (tuba), Dave Bargeron (tuba), Luciano Biondini (acc), Kenwood Dennard (dr). Dates: 24th march 2004. (BAND OF THE YEAR 2004!) Heavy Metal Duo: Ray Anderson (tb), Bob Stewart (tuba). Dates: 30th / 31st march 2004 April / May Bob Stewart's Swing Shift feat. Amina Claudine Myers: Bob Stewart (tuba), Amina Claudine Myers (p, key), Jerome Harris (g, e-b), Lucianna Padmore (dr). Dates: 24th / 26th / 27th / 28th april / 2nd / 3rd may 2004. ATTENTION: between the 6th and 9th may only as a trio without Amina Claudine Myers. Simon Nabatov Solo-Piano - Round about Brazil. Dates: 7th- 16th may 2004. Erika Stucky - Mrs. Bubble & Bones: Erika Stucky (voc, accord.), Bertl Mütter (tb), Jon Sass (tuba). Dates: 12th - 15th may 2004. June / July Simon Nabatov Solo-Piano - Round about Brazil. Dates: 29th june - 4th july 2004. Ray Anderson's Pocket Brass Band: Ray Anderson (tb), Lew Soloff (tp), Dave Bargeron (tuba), Dion Parson (dr). Dates: 1st - 11th july 2004. Erika Stucky & Roots of Communication: Erika Stucky (voc, accord.), Robert Morgenthaler (tb, alphorn, shells), Jean-Jacques Pedretti (tb, alphorn, shells), Peter Horisberger (dr). Dates: 22nd / 25th / 26th july 2004 (AND ON REQUEST) For information, contact:RALPH GLUCH p.o. box 2201CH-3601 Thuntel. +41 33 223.26.01fax +41 33 222.06.01mobile +41 79 310.22.42e-mail: gluch@datacomm.chwebsite: www.gluch.ch