Peter Compo - jazz violinist

Time is right for the jazz world to fully embrace violinist Peter Compo. It is obvious why Jersey Jazz has called him "one of today's brightest, freshest msician." The violin is a refreshing instrument enhanced by Compo, who has a "hot, vibrant, fired-up approach to his playing that comes out of the hard-driving school of violin playing owned and operated by Stuff Smith. " Compo has performed at Town Hall, Lincoln Center and the Annual American Jazz Hall Induction Ceremony, as well as, major festivals and concert halls throughout Great Britain, Europe, and Scandinavia. The solid foundation for swinging on the violin was built by Compo's prolific career as a bassist, keeping time for jazz greats Charlie Barnet, Gene Krupa, Roy Eldridge, Tony Scott, Nat Pierce, Bob Wilbur, Stuff Smith, plus many more. On the bass he recorded with Herbie Fields, Cozy Cole, Marty Grosz, Dick Meldonian, and others. As a violinist Compo has moved up front and is now calling the shots. He keeps things exciting with a versatile repertoire, good arrangements and non-predictable solo rotations. Compo also surrounds himself with equally superb musicians, including Howard Alden, Don Friedman, Leonard Gaskin, Gene Bertencini, John Bunch, Earl May, Vince Giordano and Eddy Davis. Quotes From Reviews: Down Beat (USA): "Talent deserving wider recognition" - 37th Annual International Critics' Poll" Jazz Times (USA): "Aggressively swinging attack and unmistakable individuality of instrumental voice clearly put him in the front rank of those on his axe today - In the history of the idiom, for that matter" Jazz Podium (Germany): "He is influence by Stuff Smith, but his music does not lack a personal note....a solid ability to improvise... he swings in an individual, more profound than superficial way" Cadence (USA): "His solos flow with inspired simplicity ...he is an able improvisor... but the emphasis is on swing, and swing it does" Weekend Telegraph (Great Britain): "The bluesy, back-alley sound of Compo's violin provided just the right complement to (Mose) Allison's splendidly disconsolate songs" Zeitung (Germany): "His violin swings like the pianos of Erroll Garner and Horace Silver and like a modern jazz saxophone on the fast bebop numbers of Charlie Parker" The New York Times (USA): "Simplicity and directness... rising, twisting figures... dark and shimmering" The Irish Times (Ireland): "New York City's oustanding jazz violinist... interesting violin chording... good ideas... plenty of meaning" Frets (USA): "His 'Nostalgia in Times Square' recalls the work of the great Stuff Smith" Tout Sur Le Jazz (France): "Full, solid swing and invention with a lot of feeling and phrasing in the manner of Stuff Smith....Peter Compo isn't the virtuoso Grappelli is, but he swings without stopping" Selected Discography: Peter Compo in Europe, Kaleidoscope Records K10400 Nostalgia In Times Square - Peter Compo Quintet, Take Twelve On CD TT 001 Nostalgia In Times Square - Peter Compo Quintet, Cadence Jazz Records CJR 1038 Peter Compo Jazz Violin Quartet - Live at the West End New York City , Bean C-101 He is eager to expand his audience! For further info & bookings please contact: Peter Compo e-mail: