Performing and promoting the music that began with The Birth of the Cool and the innovations of Gerry Mulligan, Chet Baker, Shorty Rogers, Bud Shank, Art Pepper, Bill Holman, Dave Pell, Jimmy Guiffre, and Howard Rumsey and others -- Octobop makes cool jazz hot again.   Night Lights, the latest release from Octobop updates some West Coast classics featuring the title track written by Gerry Mulligan and Judy Holliday. Other tracks come from the pens of Shorty Rogers, Bill Holman, Marty Paich, Bud Shank, and Bobby Troup.. Great reviews are coming in from across the world. Dr. Herb Wong provides his perspective in the liner notes. Bill Crow, bassist on the original Night Lights album, writes a special note about Gerry and Judy as well.   Now available for concerts, festivals, and other events, Octobop would like to bring this great music directly to you. Based in Silicon Valley, USA, the cool that is the essence of California is created by eight musicians with experience in all parts of the music industry. In this day and age, everyone can use some cool.   “With the introduction of Octobop's new CD, "Night Lights," leader Geoff Roach again leads his octet through a classy set of tunes that everyone will enjoy. It's a fresh approach to modern classic jazz. Most of the great arrangements were by Roach himself.  "Girl Talk,"  textured and tasty, is a masterpiece.  It's hard to believe that this old song could be so fresh once again." Alan Scharf, co-creator of "Jazz at Massey Hall"   "Your CD has touched me deeply. There are so many good things about it. The dedication of the band members really shows up in this new recording. It is such a tribute to  that period that meant so much to me and my life."Howard Rumsey, Lighthouse All Stars   "This eight-piece outfit makes you feel like you're starring in a personalized version of LA Confidential. Close your eyes..the dish your dancing with makes you forget the trouble you're in for a few fleeting moments."  Review on Lycos   "The emergence of a new voice in jazz is always a welcome event in the music, and the release of Geoff Roach's recording, is an event worth rejoicing. With a legitimate entry into the jazz world, and a much needed shot of very new blood in the straight ahead field. This disc is very impressive! The only thing missing is the wild roar of crowd approval. Do your best at home please. "Tim Price, featured writer for Saxophone Journal   "For lovers of the West Coast sound , and over here in the UK there are many as the sound seems to strike a chord with the European jazz listener, the arrival of a band like Octobop is like a breath of fresh air. This band recreates the sound of the West Coast of those glorious days of the 50's while still leaving there own individual mark on the music. "Glyn Marsh, World Jazz Network, United Kingdom   For More Information and CD ordering: Web site: www.octobop.com Contact: cool@octobop.com Phone: 1-650-357-1804