Nima & Merge

We are once again looking for opportunities for 2004.After a very successful year of extended performances both throughout the US and Europe, we are considering dates and situations anywhere and special considerations will be given to presenters with dates consistent with our tour routes. Nima & Merge is a very unique instrumental trio consisting of Nima Rezai on the Chapman Stick, Dan Heflin on the saxophones, and Brad Ranola on the drums, performing all original compositions by Nima Rezai which produce an expansive sound. Some of our major 2003 performances include the Julich jazz Festival in Germany, Jazz on the Streets in London, and the Cristal Jazz festival in Belgium. Nima Rezai is a unique artist that has quickly merged on the forefront of Chapman Stick players and composers in the world.  His sophisticated compositions are quickly gaining popularity with many diverse music fans, many of whom are completely new to the instrument and style of music.   Jazz with Middle eastern melodies and various world rhythms meld together effortlessly for easy listening by a wide variety of audiences and musical enthusiasts. You may view our electronic promo kit at For a promotional packet, please contact us at info@mergemusic.comNima & Merge 562 537-0738