Mwendo Dawa, new cd



Mwendo Dawa, new cd

SUSANNA LINDEBORG, piano/keyb/laptop
OVE JOHANSSON, tenorsax/EWI/laptop

LJCD 5256

MWENDO DAWA MUSIC - the title describes the personal and recognizable sound of MWENDO DAWA. Despite its long existence MWENDO DAWA still is a force into todays
new music both in expression, technique and instrumental control. Jazz - freeform - fusion - avant garde - electro acoustic music - but foremost exciting and unpredictable
music. Provocative? Challenging? Creative? - The music is definately not halfhearted and wants to give the audience a challenge - which once was the soul of Jazz.

Improvised music where live electronics smoothely integrates with the acoustic instruments. Music that requires concentrated listening, but also music with a great portion of
humour and exciting ideas. MWENDO DAWA wants to make the listener involved.

Press clips from previous releases:
“Keyboard innovator Susanna Lindeborg and tenor saxophonist/EWI player Ove Johansson...with their daring electro-acoustic quartet Mwendo Dawa. Here they step further
into the avant-garde realm than ever before.” Bill Milkowski, JazzTimes

”Time Sign is unflinching in its desire to break new ground and create new sonic textures. It’s an album of uncompromising post bop and free jazz, with a new music slant that
continues to assert Susanna Lindeborg and Ove Johansson as unique contributors to a style which may not appeal to the masses, but continues to
reward the attentive with each subsequent listen.” John Kelman, All About Jazz

”The average jazz listener should not be put off that Susanna Lindeborg’s Mwendo Dawa is avant-garde jazz. It is true the sounds created by this Swedish quartet go well
beyond traditional conceptions of melody and harmony, however this is a very accessible recording. For those listeners who enjoy avant-garde sounds, this

CD certainly will be full of welcome sounds. The recording would be an excellent addition to any jazz aficionado’s CD collection.” Craig W. Hurst, Jazzreview

Previous recordings:

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