Milan Svoboda projects

Hello Jazz Friends!
I am a leading jazz musician in Czech Republic.
I would like to offer You my 3 concert projects: Milan Svoboda  Quartet (New!) - modern jazz group (sax, p, b, ds)Milan Svoboda Jazz Orchestra (Contraband) - original contemporary big band music
and Milan Svoboda Solo Piano Recital.
Please see website for more information:
New CDs:
If you are interested, please contact me at the following address:
MILAN SVOBODADOUBLE MS AGENCY Na Hajensku 183, 252 02 Jiloviste, Czech RepublicTel/fax: 420/2/57730176e-mail:
I can send some more materials, like CDs, video recordings, photos, etc...

MILAN SVOBODAComposer, conductor, band leader, jazz pianistBorn 1951. Graduated from the Prague Conservatory in the organ class; studied musicology at Charles' University in Prague, and composition at the Prague Academy of Music, as well as at the Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA. In 1974, he founded his first jazz orchestra, the Prague Big Band, which made a name for itself in the history of both Czech and European jazz. As a conductor and arranger, Svoboda later led the combined Czech/Polish Big Band, which was comprised of the finest soloists from both nations, and currently directs the creative Contraband Jazz Orchestra and his own Quartet. Svoboda has performed throughout Europe with his big bands, quartet and as a soloist, and has an extensive discography to his credit (see below).As a composer and conductor, Svoboda also works in theater, film and television. He has written music for musicals (e.g. Foam Of The Days), ballets (e.g. Mowgli), more than 60 drama theater pieces, and many feature, animation and documentary films. He is also conductor of big musical shows. Lately Svoboda has composed classical orchestral works as well (e.g. Concerto grosso - double concert for violin, piano and string orchestra). Discography:
1. PORTRAIT - Prague Big Band (LP Panton 1978 - 11 0692)2. REMINISCENCES - Prague Big Band, Milan Svoboda (LP Supraphon 1980 - 1115 2605 H, CD Supraphon 1995 - SU 5043-2511)3. POSTE RESTANTE - Milan Svoboda, Prague Big Band (LP Supraphon 1982 - 1115 3115 H, CD Aurophon 1994 - AU 31626)4. OPEN THE WINDOW WIDE - Milan Svoboda Quartet (LP Panton 1984 - 8115 0384 H)5. GEMINI - Milan Svoboda Big Band Live (LP Panton 1986 - 8115 0603)6. INTERJAZZ 5 - Milan Svoboda and The Czech/Polish Big Band (LP Supraphon 1986 - 1115 3969 H)7. KEEP IT UP - Milan Svoboda and Contraband (LP Panton 1989 - 81 0908-1 511, CD Aurophon 1994 - AU 31627)8. DEDICATION - Milan Svoboda Quartet (CD PJ Music 1990 - PJ 001-2) 9. THE LAST BUTTERFLY - Alex North, Milan Svoboda - Soundtrack Album (CD Varese Sarabande 1991 - VSD 5287)10. DUO - Milan Svoboda, Michal Gera (CD PJ Music 1991 - PJ 003-2)11. LIVE AT VIERSEN - Contraband and Milan Svoboda (CD PJ Music 1992 - PJ 004-1)12. CHRISMAS SONGS AND CAROLS - Contraband and pop singers (CD Lotos 1992 - LT 0003-2 311)13. THE BOSTON CONCERT - Milan Svoboda Quartet and Big Band (CD Panton 1993 - 81 1238-2 511)14. TONIGHT-TOMORROW MORNING - Milan Svoboda Quartet  (CD PJ Music 1993 - PJ 006-2)15. THE FOAM OF THE DAYS - Milan Svoboda, Jan Vedral - Musical (CD Bonton 1994 - BONTON Music 71 0183-2)16. LIVE AT THE LUCERNA HALL - Prague Big Bands, Milan Svoboda (CD Lotos 1995 - LT0032-2 331)17. MOWGLI -  Milan Svoboda, Symphony Orchestra of the NT Prague (2 CDs Bonton 1996 - BONTON Music 71 0499/500-2)18. SOLO PIANO RECITAL - Milan Svoboda (CD PJ Music 1997 - PJ0013-2)19. MILAN SVOBODA Q & TONY LAKATOS - Milan Svoboda Quintet (CD PJ Music 1998 - PJ 014-2)20. FAMILY - Milan Svoboda and Contraband - Live (CD Lotos 1998 - LT 0068-2531)21. ORCHESTRAL WORKS - Milan Svoboda, The Rudolfinum Concert (CD Lotos 2002 - LT 0110-2 331) 22. CONTRABAND GOES TO TOWN - Milan Svoboda Contraband Jazz Orchestra - Live (CD PJ Music 2002 - PJ 018-2) Participation at International Jazz Festivals (selection):Germany: Ost West Nuernberg, Europeische Wochen Passau, Jazzbuehne Berlin, Leverkusen Jazz Days, Konstanzer Jazz Herbst, Muenster, Dortmund Big Band Meeting, Burghausen Jazztage, Jazz an der Donau Vilshofen, Lindau, Husum, Goettingen, Viersen, Leipzig, Trier, Jazz Meeting Berlin, Jazztage Goerlitz, Jazz Rally Duesseldorf, Bayerische Jazz-Weekend Regensburg, Chemnitz, Jazz in Hamburg - France: Mulhouse, Vienne, Saint-Rémy les Chevreuse, Pau, Bedarieux - Austria: European Jazz Night Vienna, Wiesen, St.Ingbert - Poland: Jazz Jamboree Warszaw, Jazz Juniors Krakow, Piano Jazz Festival Kalisz, Wroclaw - Italy: Jazz e dintorni Assisi - Spain: San Sebastian, Villena - Belgium: Brosella Jazz, Mechelen Jazz Dag - Holland: Jazz at the Castle - Romania: Sibiu - Hungary: Nagykanisza, Debrecen - Slovakia: Bratislava, Zilina - Czech Republic: Int. Jazz Festival Prague, Jazz Goes To Town Hradec Kralove, Karlovy Vary, etc...