Klaus Kugel Projects for 2004

BIOGRAPHY: Klaus Kugel studied at the School of Jazz in Munich. Since 1986 he is member of the "Michel Pilz - Quartet". Since 1989 he has been playing with the lithuanian soprano-saxophonist Petras Vysniauskas ; since 1994 with Theo Jörgensmann. He has worked alongside Tomasz Stanko, Zbigniew Namyslowski, Kenny Wheeler, Charlie Mariano, Karl Berger, Kent Carter, John Tchicai, Lee Konitz, Reiner Winterschladen, Nils Wogram, Vyacheslav Ganelin, Gerd Dudek, Antatoly Vapirov, Enver Izmaylov, Perry Robinson, Kornel Horvath, Glen Moore, BoboStenson, Wolter Wierbos, Vladimir Volkov, John Law, Antony Donchev to name but a few.Concerts all over Europe, ex. UdSSR, Canada, USA, Syria, Japan, South America and China. He performed on festivals such as JazzHaus Festival Cologne 1986, Jazz Festival Konstanz 1986, Jazz Festival Leipzig 1988, Jazzfestival Vilnius 1989 u. 1993, Jazzfestival Kaunas 1993+1994, Jazzfestival Yokohama 1998, Jazz Night Luenen 1998 + 2000, Solo Virtuos Gelsenkirchen 1998, Worms Jazzt 1998, Klap Op De Vuurpejl Amsterdam 1998, Paranoia Festival Tilburg 1998, Jazz Podium Ruhr 1998, Du Murier Festival International De Jazz Vancouver 1999, Du Murier Festival International De Jazz Montreal 1999, Mare Balticum 1999, JazzFest Berlin 1999, Jazz Festival Muenster 1999, Rheinisches Musikfest 1990+1999+2002, European Musicfestival Muensterland 1999, Jazz Festival Eldena 1999, Moscow Off Jazz 1999, Euro-Syrian Jazz Festival Damascus 1999, Duisburger Akzente 2000, Jazz Festival Varna 2000, Jazz Woche Hannover 2001, JazzArt 2002, Rheinisches Musikfest 2002, Jazz Line Munich2002, Euro Jazzfestival Mexico 2002, Vilnius Festivalis 2002, Leigo Järvemuusika Festival 2002 (Estland), Jazz Festival Nanjing 2002 (China), Jazz Festival Würzburg 2002, New Music Festival Potsdam 2002, Jazz Festival Kaunas 2003, Jazz Festival Lüneburg 2003, Jazz Festival Greiz 2003, Westfälisches Musikfest 2003, International Music Festival San Francisco @ Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, International Jazz Festival Montréal 2003, International Jazz Festival Edmonton 2003, International Jazz Festival Vancouver 2003, Neue Musik Sommer 2003, International Jazz Festival of Coimbra 2003 a.o.. PROJECTS 2004: BALTIC QUINTET (LIT/SE/RU/DE)Petras Vysniauskas - soprano saxophone; Reiner Winterschladen - trumpet; Bobo Stenson - piano, church organ; Vladimir Volkov - contra bass, viola di gamba; Klaus Kugel - percussion, drumsIn 1999 Petras Vysniauskas was given the 'Grand Prix of Arts' by the Lithuanian Government.In 2002 he received the NATIONAL AWARD OF ART AND CULTURE of the State of Lithuania.Upcoming concerts: may-12, Hamburg, Erotic Art Museummay-13+14-2004, Greifswald, Festival Nordischer Klang 2004 JOHN LAW TRIOJohn Law - piano, composition (England); Kent Carter - double bass (USA); Klaus Kugel - drums (Germany)-John Law has developed into one of Europe's most adventurous pianists- (Jazzwise 1997)-John Law is one of three British musicians to have emerged over the last few years who are genuinely world class... He really is a major talent!- (Avant Magazine 1997)-(...) technical bravura with crystal clear, fast passagework coupled with a sovereign command over everything that is pianistically possible. You wonder if there is actually anything that this pianist cannot do.- (Jazz Podium, Germany)-Creative music at a level not often heard... a formidable technique- (Cadence New York 1995)-Kent Carter has always been a most inspired soloist with a great personality. He is one of the most lively and exciting musicians which the creative musical scene can offer at this time.- (Laurent Goddet, France)-Klaus Kugel is a percussionist so high-grade deft and perceptive an ensemble of soloists such like this can only wish for.- (Frankfurter Rundschau, Germany)Upcoming concerts:april-7-2004, SchauspielHaus, Bergneustadtapril-8-2004, LOFT, Cologne (CD recording) THEO JOERGENSMANN QUARTET (Germany)Theo Joergensmann - clarinet; Christopher Dell - vibes; Christian Ramond - double bass; Klaus Kugel - drumsVibrating and stunning communication on the finest technical level imaginable. This worlwide suceeding German jazz ensemble stands for: -music against the law of purity (...) dancing elegance, humorous intelligence, sensitive poetry (...), the ultimate improvised chamber music.- (Weltwoche, Switzerland, 2002)-highly interactive (...) simply magnificent- (highest score in FONO FORUM, Germany, 2002)-Collective motion is electric: a charging, spasmodic from all sides. (...) Joergensmann's dancing, fractured improv couldn't find a warmer nest.- (CODA MAGAZINE, Canada, 2003) The quartet has performed on festivals such as Solo Virtuos Gelsenkirchen 98, Jazz Night Lueneburg 98, Klap Op De Vuurpejl Amsterdam 98, Paranoia Festival tilburg 98, Jazz Podium Ruhr 98, Jazz Festival Muenster 99, Rheinisches Musikfest 1999, Du Maurier International Jazz Festival Vancouver 1999, Festival International De Jazz De Montreal 1999, Duisburger Akzente 2000, Jazz Festival Varna 2000, Jazz Festival Nanjing 2002 (China), Jazz Festival Wuerzburg 2002, Jazz Festival Greiz 2003, Westfaelisches Musikfest 2003. Their last concerts took place at "International Music Festival San Francisco 2003" @ Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, International Jazz Festival Montréal 2003, International Jazz Festival Edmonton 2003, International Jazz Festival Vancouver 2003.Upcoming concerts & tours:oct-28/nov-2, Jazz Festival Nanjing, Chinacurrent CD: To Ornette - Hybrid Identity (hatOlogy, 2002)press reviews & tour dates: http://theojoergensmann.kulturserver.de THEO JOERGENSMANN FELLOWSHIPPetras Vysniauskas - soprano saxophone; Charlie Mariano - alto saxophone; Theo Joergensmann - clarinet; Karl Berger - vibes, piano; Kent Carter- double bass; Klaus Kugel - drumsNew CD will be released in september 2004 on hatOLOGY!! GANELIN TRIO PRIORITYVyacheslav Ganelin - piano, synthesizer, percussion (Russia); Petras Vysniauskas - soprano saxophone (Lithuania); Klaus Kugel - drums, percussion (Germany)-...passionate, vigorous, witty, elegant, vulgar, classical, chaotic, surprising and theatrical...- (Sunday Times, London)-Freud is to psychology as Ganelin is to Soviet Jazz.- (Ear Magazine)Rapid powerplay sections, orchestral sound adventures, folkloristic echoes and insouciant folly are just some elements of this musical experience. Since 1999 GANELIN TRIO PRIORITY is the current ensemble of the legendary jazz pioneer of the former Soviet Union.New CD recorded at "European Music Festival Muenster 1999" will soon be released on AURIS MEDIA.upcoming concerts:may-16-2004, Moscow International Performance Arts Centernext tour in Europe: november 2004 PETRAS VYSNIAUSKAS QUARTET (Lithuania)Petras Vysniauskas - soprano saxophone; Karl Berger - vibes, piano; Kent Carter - double bass; Klaus Kugel - drums***optional with***Steve Swell - trombone (USA)Bert Noglik about Petras Vysniauskas: -Something of the rugged beauty of the Lithuanian countryside and the passion of many of his fellow countrymen has been breathed into his music. For me Petras Vysniauskas' music remains unforgettable because of his clear, individual concept. The use of themes from traditional folk music is one facet of this saxophonist, who reflects both the modern development in jazz and the sound idioms of the new and latest improvised and composed music. However, as he himself says, his feeling for folk music is part of his musical identity. And he adds: 'In Lithuanian folk songs I hear echoes of John Coltrane; I try to combine this with the free form of expression offered by modern jazz.'-Current cd: "Light in the Dark" (Juosta Records, 2003) recorded live at Jazz Festival Eldena 1999. PETRAS VYSNIAUSKAS GROUP & TALLINN CHAMBER ORCHESTRA (Estonia)Compositions: Vidmantas Bartulis (Lithuania)-...how appetite for improvising, spontaneously uttered, and elegiac strings came together in this 50-minute-opus, was impressing.- (Berliner Morgenpost, Germany, about the world premiere at JazzFest Berlin 1999)VIDMANTAS BARTULIS ranks among the Lithuanian componists who established a movement in composition during the 70ies, which is marked by emotional power and a clear and accessible musical language. The Estonian TALLINN CHAMBER ORCHESTRA is best known for its performances and ECM-recordings of Arvo Paert's works. STEVE SWELL QUARTETSteve Swell - trombone (USA); Sabir Mateen - tenor & alto saxophones, flute, clarinet & alto clarinet (USA); Kent Carter - double bass (USA); Klaus Kugel - drums, percussion (Germany)Next tour in Europe: november/december 2004new CD*** "Slammin' the Infinite" will be released in september 2004 on Cadence Jazz Records (USA) (*** with Matt Heyner - double bass)-Steve is unquestionably a trombone player; he attacks and exploits the instrument's peculiarities as a race car driver would a Ferrari. No wind-blown instrument is more capable of tonal extremes than the trombone, a fact that Swell makes manifest with his howling glissandi and chattering chromaticism, to say nothing of a postbop linearity that would make J.J. Johnson proud. Swell has an extraordinary conventional technique which he puts to quite unconventional use, spiced liberally with an assortment of his own very personal idiosyncrasies.- (Jazz Now Magazine, USA)Steve Swell came to international attention while touring in Europe and recording with altoist Tim Berne and his group 'Caos Totale'. During this time Steve also toured and recorded with Joey Baron's 'Barondown' who released three CDs. Sabir Mateen's enduring presence which no-one can ignore within the scene of improvisational music has made him protagonist of one chapter in Phil Freeman's most recent book 'New York Is Now! The New Wave of Free Jazz'. ORNAMENTS OF LIGHT AND SOUND (Germany)Roger Hanschel - alto & f-mezzo saxophones; Stefan Heidtmann - piano, synthesizer, live-sampling; Klaus Kugel - percussion, woodbells, gongs, ballast-string; Ruth Hommelsheim - video- and dia projektion; Makiko Tominaga - butoh danceArts that just seem to be freely interwoven communicate with each other.More and more impressions, similar to a kaleidoscope, melt into an inimitable mosaic of light, sound and dance. Meditative and cumulative soundscapes are coupled with video art and live images from unexpected points of view. The thrilling and sometimes bizarre expressions of butoh dance transform all this into a performance never to be forgotten.DVD on request. Photos, info, mp3-files: http://www.ornamentsoflightandsound.de CATHEDRALS (Germany)Christian Bollmann - overtone singing, trumpet, shells; Roger Hanschel: alto-, f-mezzo saxophone; Stefan Heidtmann - piano, synthesizer, live-sampling; Klaus Kugel - percussion, woodbells, gongs, ballast-stringEspecially within churches as a resonating cavity 'Cathedrals' unfolds its greatness in the most impressing way. This concept shows the beauty and freedom of acoustic associated with synthetic sound generating. The audience will be guided deep into a contemplative musical journey.Actual CD: "Ornaments of Light and Sound - 'Cathedrals'" (shaa-music, 2003) ALBRECHT MAURER QUARTETAlbrecht Maurer - violin, gotic fidel (Germany); Claudio Puntin - bassclarinet, clarinet, tarogato (Swizerland); Dieter Manderscheid - double bass (Germany); Klaus Kugel - drums, percussion (Germany)A fragile musical texture full of surprises, exceptional sound combinations and tricky connections of composed and improvised parts. In its works the new Albrecht Maurer Quartet knits together the aesthetics of contemporary classical music and minimal music, annexes them skilfully to the impulses of Free Music. KARL BERGER & FRIENDSThe legendary pianist/vibist/composer Karl Berger from Woodstock, New York will be touring in Europe in Oct/Nov/Dec 2004.Featured soloists of "Karl Berger + Friends" in a program from duets to quartet are vocalist Ingrid Sertso, drummer Klaus Kugel and bassist Marc Abrams. The repertoire spans from jazz classics (Monk, Rollins, O. Coleman and others) to captivating originals. The latest review states: -This is music of great maturity and coolness...., of a timeless and unpretentious beauty as one rarely encounters in today's jazz- (Jazzdimensions).Karl Berger won 6 Downbeat Awards as a player and numerous awards as a composer. Ingrid Sertso is a highly original vocalist and prize-winning poet. Klaus Kugel and Marc Abrams are top-rated players on the international jazz scene.Backgrounds and photos: http://www.creativemusicstudio.org/, http://www.karlberger.com/Latest Release: "Stillpoint" - Double Moon Records 2002 MICHEL PILZ TRIOMichel Pilz - bassclarinet (Luxembourg); Christian Ramond - double bass (Germany); Klaus Kugel - drums (Germany)*** optional with ***Itaru Oki - trumpet, japanese flutes (Japan)Karl Berger - vibes, piano, composition (USA-Germany)Zbigniew Namyslowski - alto- & sopranino saxophone (Poland)-Michel Pilz, whose sole instrument is the bass-clarinet, has carried the Eric Dolphy legacy into the Free Jazz Era....He is a master of contradictory musical lines, flowing from the strong and furious, to the soft and warm.- (Joachim Ernst Behrendt, Jazz Book)-A music I like, and whose claim is clear. In short: music at the top of our time.- (Bert Noglik, East German critic)This Michel Pilz Trio represented Germany in 1999 at the European Union Jazz Festival in Syria.Upcoming concert: april-19, LuxembourgCurrent CD: "Arbor" (shaa-music, 2003)The french "Jazz Magazine" wrote about Itaru Oki - who is living in Paris - that he showed to be one of the most Interesting and most representative "new music players" made in Japan.-Anyone who misses Namyslowski is missing a unique source of creativity in 20th century. Namyslowski is a giant!- (Willis Connover) VIOCAL (Poland, Lithuania, Germany)Katrin Mickiewicz - voice, viola, violin, composition; Petras Vysniauskas - soprano saxophone; Ludger Schmidt - violoncello; Peter Schoenfeld - 5 string e-double bass; Klaus Kugel - percussion, wood bells, chimes, drumsKatrin Mickiewicz often accompanies her play of viola or violin with her voice, doubling the melody of the instruments. The style of her play and way of composing moves between contemporary modern music, Slavonic folklore, classical music and jazz. Nevertheless the music of this ensemble often deals with silence and a spiritual atmosphere - not unlike a score - evoked by the different skills of its instrumentalists. It is no wonder that themes of this project have been adopted as film music. In a concert of VIOCAL divers elements based on Katrins's compositions are blended into an exceptional and archaic experience of hearing. Their last concerts took place in the Dome of Cologne, at the EXPO 2000, in the Johanneskirche Duesseldorf, the Dom Wuerzburg in 2001, at the festivals "JAZZ LINE 2002" in Munich and "intersonanzen / brandenburgisches fest der neuen musik 2002 / Kulturhaus Potsdam", 'From Balkan To the Baltics' (at Stuttgarter Theaterhaus 2003, Germany) and Jazz Festival Konstanz 2003 a.o.. EUROPEAN ECHOESAlbrecht Maurer - violin; Theo Joergensmann - clarinet; Wolter Wierbos - trombone; Bobo Stenson - piano; Kent Carter - double bass; Klaus Kugel - percussionEuropean Echoes presents a highly interactive, distinctly elaborated, crystalline-like logical chamber music.For more than three decades Swedish pianist Bobo Stenson has been one of the most self-contained and recognizable musicians in European jazz. Since 1971 he has been involved in 27 albums published on ECM, together with Jan Garbarek and many others.-Stenson combines in his play lyrical and abstract phrases without breaks. Harmonic patterns resp. fluent melody strings dissolve into metrically unbound soundscapes.- (Jazz Live, Austria) For more information, contact:Klaus Kugel (Germany)email: klauskugel@gmx.dephone: +49 2261 911 403fax: +49 1212 513 404 606website: http://www.klauskugel.de