Kjell Kalleklev Management - Artist roster 2004

Artist roster 2004 NILS PETTER MOLVAER *     KETIL BJØRNSTAD  “All Star Band ****KROYTDADAFONSUPERSILENT               SIDSEL ENDRESEN GROUP****WIBUTEEMORY KANTE  **EIVIND AARSET ELECTRIC NOIRE ***IVER KLEIVE COMPANYTHE SEA QUARTETKETIL BJORNSTAD/DAVID DARLING DUO TERJE RYPDAL/KETIL BJORNSTAD DUOGRACE (feat. ANNELI DRECKER)PALLE MIKKELBORG GROUP MIKKELBORG/RYPDAL/DAVIESKNUT REIERSRUD/IVER KLEIVEARILD ANDERSEN TRIOJAN BANG PANAVIZION SERIESELDBJORG RAKNESARVE HENRIKSEN PISTOL & MOTORCYCLEBEEZEWAXJUNI DAHR / LARS MARTIN MYHRE DJ STRANGEFRUIT  In cooperation with: * El. Chair Germany, Full Force France, All around Jazz Italy, Wam Spain; ** Scandinavia; *** Hopper Mngm.; **** El. Chair. Germany Tour info: NILS PETTER MOLVAERNils P. Molvaer - tp, Morten Quenild - kb, Jan Bang - live sampling, DJ Strangefruit - turntables, Rune Arnesen - dr, + sound and light. Tour dates: On request /summer-fall 04 KETIL BJØRNSTAD  “All Star Band“Ketil Bjørnstad - kb, Nils Petter Molvær or Arve Henriksen - trumpet, Kristin Asbjørnsen - vocal, Eivind Aarset - guitar, Svante Henryson - cello, Bjørn Kjellemyr - bass, Per Lindvall - drums. Also available in a smaller format. CD realize on Universal February 2004.Tour dates: On request ;spring/summer/fall 04 KROYTKristin Asbjornsen - voc, Oyvind Brandtsegg - vibraphone/programming, Thomas Dahl - g, Magnus Torkildsen - sound design, Atle Ramsoy Halle - live filming. Tour dates: on request DADAFONKristin Asbjornsen - voc, Eirik Oyen - b, Carl H. Waadeland - dr, Marin Smidt - dr, perc, balaphone, Jostein Ansnes - g, Oyvind Engen - cello, Rune Holme - soundTour dates: On request/summer/fall 04 HGH (Hagfors-Gebhardt Hickstars)HGH (Martin Hagfors from Home Groan and Hakon Gebhardt from Motorpsycho) were never ment to be anything but a lodge weekend with jamming, but the jam ended up as the legendary album Pignoise (Stickman rec. ‘00) recorded with one single microphone on equipment older than the musicians… Two years and two acclaimed album later (Trash Grass and love songs, Stickman rec. ’01 + Seb’s Hotel, Stickman rec. march ‘03), they’re accelerating straight into hickstardom.Info &  sound: www.homegroan.net/hgh - music video: www.homegroan.net/galleries.htmlTour dates: On request /summer/fall 2004 SUPERSILENTDeathprod aka Helge Sten - treatments, Stale Storlokken - kb, Arve Henriksen - tp, Jarle Vespestad - dr, Audun Strype - sound designTour dates: On request /summer/fall 2004 SIDSEL ENDRESEN GROUPSidsel Endresen - voc, Christian Wallumrod - grand piano, Jan Bang - treatments, Geir Ostensjo - sound designTour dates: March On request /summer/fall 2004 WIBUTEEHakon Kornstad - sax, Sternklang - electronics, Per Zanuzzi - b, Wetle Holte - dr, Stig Henriksen - soundTour dates: On request /summer/fall 2004 EIVIND AARSET ELECTRIC NOIREEivind Aarset - g, Vetle Holte - dr, Darknorse - sampling, Stig Henriksen - sound designTour dates: On request /summer/fall 2004 IVER KLEIVE CompanyIver Kleive - org, Ronnie LeTekro - g, Arve Henriksen - tp, Audun Kleive - dr, Sveinung Hovensjo - b,  Iver Kleive’s choirTour dates: On request  THE SEA QUARTETTerje Rypdal - g, Ketil Bjornstad - piano, David Darling - cello, Jon Christensen - drTour dates: On request  KETIL BJORNSTAD/DAVID DARLING DUO David Darling - cello, Ketil Bjornstad - pianoTour dates: On request  TERJE RYPDAL/KETIL BJORNSTAD DUOTerje Rypdal  - g, Ketil Bjornstad - piano Tour dates: On request /summer/fall 2004 GRACE Anneli Drecker - voc, Ketil Bjornstad - grand piano, Jan Bang - treatments/live sampling.Tour dates: On request /summer/fall 2004 PALLE MIKKELBORG GROUPPalle Mikkelborg - tp/kb, Helen Davies - harp/kb, Mikkel Nordsoe - g, Moussa Diallo - b/voc, Klaus Mentzer - dr.Tour dates: On request /summer/fall 2004 PALLE MIKKELBORG,TERJE RYPDAL,HELEN DAVIESPalle Mikkelborg - tp/kb, Helen Davies - harp/kb, Terje Rypdal - gTour dates: On request /summer/fall 2004 KNUT REIERSRUD/IVER KLEIVEKnut Reiersrud – g, Iver Kleive – church organ (or synth)Tour dates: On request  ARILD ANDERSEN TRIOArild Andersen - dbl bass, Carsten Dahl - piano, Patrice Heral - perc.Tour dates: On request JAN BANG ‘PANAVIZION SERIES’Part One: "Going nine ways from Wednesday": Anne Marie Almedal - voc (from Velvet Belly), Jan Bang - live sampling, Erik Honoré - treatmentsPart Two: Pan M Orchestra: Jan Bang - live sampling, Eivind Aarset - g, Rune Arnesen - dr, Strangefruit - DJ, Vidar Johansen - sax.Tour dates: On request  LARS MARTIN MYHRE bandLars Martin Myhre - voc/g, Rune Klakegg - piano, Terje Johannessen - g, Olaf Kamfjord - b, Jon Rosslund - dr (also performing as duo/trio)Tour dates: On request  ELDBJORG RAKNES "Tingeling"Eldbjorg Raknes - voc, Nils Olav Johansen - g, Christian Wallumrod - el.piano, Per Oddvar Johansen - drTour dates: On request  ARVE HENRIKSEN  solo trumpetSee some of his reviews at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/jazz/reviews/henriksen_sak.shtml#review,http://www.ink19.com/issues/march2002/musicReviews/musicH/arveHenriksen.html,http://maelstrom.nu/issue9/albumreviews9b.htm#henriksenNorwegian reviews have also been excellent. Arve Henriksen also appears on ‘The Wire Tapper 8’ CD (sept 02). Henriksen is also a member of Supersilent (see above) who appears on ‘The Wire Tapper 9’ CD (nov 02).Tour dates: On request /summer/fall 2004 PISTOL & MOTORCYCLEDeathprod aka Helge Sten - treatments, Jarle Vespestad - drTour dates: On request /summer/fall 2004 BEEZEWAXStian Rosnes - dr/perc/glockenspiel, Jan Erik Hoel - b/voc, Thomas Olsen - g, Kenneth Ishak - voc/g/piano/synth/violins. Very talented young norwegian act (all 24-25 years old) who already has released 3 brilliant albums on 5 different highly regarded indie labels (PopKid in USA, Houston Party EU, Firefly UK, Painted Sky Japan and Trust Me Norway). Their 2nd album “South of Boredom” was produced by  Ken Stringfellow (Posies, REM) and their 3rd "Oh Tahoe" was produced by Pelle Gunnerfeldt (Fireside, Hives etc) and mixed by John Agnello (Bob Dylan, Son Volt, Buffalo Tom etc).  Tour dates: On request  DJ STRANGEFRUITDJ Strangefruit aka Paul Nyhus has been regarded as Norway’s # 1 DJ for the last decade (see the latest issue of norwegian clubbing magazine Natt & Dag (www.nattogdag.no) for the most recent confirmation of his status). Nyhus is currently  part of  Nils Petter Molvaer’s band and has previously performed with Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter and Michael Brecker, among others.Tour dates: On request /summer/fall 2004 MIKE STERN BAND Mike Stern - g, Bob Franceschini - sax, Chris Minh Doky - b, Lionel Cordew - dr Tour dates:On request (Booking Scandinavia, in cooperation with Emmeci, Italy.) 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