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JAZZ MUSIQUES PRODUCTIONSConcert offers 2005 Elvin Jones Memorial Concertwith Delfeayo Marsalis, Sonny Fortune, Carlos McKinney, Gerald Cannon, Pat Labarbera, Billy Hart, Will Calhoun, Louis Nash.A tribute to Elvin Jones by the musicians of the Elvin Jones Jazz Machine with famous drummers Billy Hart, Will Calhoun and Louis Nash.on tour in July 2005 Nguyen Le new 4tnew album "Walking on the Tiger's Tail" February 2006With this new quartet I wish to get back to the precious & rich understanding which relates me to these musicians, and extend this spirit with all that I have learned from the projects I have carried since: the cultures from Asia (Tales from Viêt-Nam, Huong Thanh), Africa (Ultramarine, Maghreb & Friends), and the modernity of Electronica. After the electric trance of my last CD « Purple - Celebrating Jimi Hendrix », coming back to the sense of detail, nuance & restrain; back to other sources. Jazz was born in the journey between Black Africa & America. New journeys will bring New Worlds."on tour from 2005 April 20 to April 30 Nguyen Le "celebrating Jimi Hendrix" 4tA celebration of Jimi Hendrix. Four bars of a Hendrix lick and you immediately want to stop whatever you're doing. To hear him so neatly updated is an ear-opener. "Music has no end," Le says. "Once created, it belongs to those who dream with it." The Franco-Vietnamese Le, with his unique combination of jazz and rock chops and Oriental-oriented world-music background, is a choice guitarist for a contemporary take on Hendrix.all year round Carlos Maza quinteto cubanonew album "Chocala" October 2004Carlos Maza, a Chilean trouble-maker living in Cuba, spent the last ten years dynamiting jazz and Latino music mixtures, proudly following in Egberto Gismonti's and Hermeto Pascoal's footsteps. "Salvedad" is the unexpected album of a virtuoso musician, who also likes to sing for his friends. The result is a magnificent surprise: 12 wonderful songs, sometimes surrealist, sometimes euphoriant or just heart-gripping. The discovery of a composer-interpret, whose musical universe perfectly conveys Latin-American madness.on tour in March 2005, July 2005, November 2005 Bojan ZLeader career Bojan Z begins ten years ago as jazz pianist and composer. Many years he explores musical tradition of Balkan and Magreb as much interested as for the medieval composers as Kir Isaija. He recorded a serial af albums with different ensembles with his name that are very accepted by the critics and audience, especial the magnificent "Solosession" (piano solo album). Bojan Z again established a form for piano-trio with best American musicians and he again proves himself as one of the leading jazz-sounds in the European jazz-scene.Bojan Z trio = Bojan Z / Remi Vignolo / Ben Perowskyion tour in March 2005, July 2005, October 2005and also: Bojan Z piano solo, duo with Julien Lourau (sax) all year round Nelson Veras duo, trio, 4tnew album October 2004Those who saw Nelson Veras charging up in Parisian jazz clubs ten years ago still think that they have been living a collective hallucination: a sixteen-year old Brazilian child could not play such a beautiful and intense music! The following years enabled Nelson to develop a musical universe alongside Aldo Romano or Magic Malik. In order to record his first and highly expected album as a Leader, Nelson constituted an astonishing as well as exciting band: alongside his big brother Magic Malik, Stéphane Galland's drums upsets Harlen Fraanje's quasi lunar climates. With such an ideal band, Nelson's guitar takes Milton Nascimento, Jobim, Wayne Shorter or Tonhino Horta towards still unsuspected territories.all year round Vitto Meirelles solo, duo, trio, 4tnew album Spring 2005Vitto's music is directly influenced by his native Brazilian roots. A variety of saxophones, shakers, rattles, drums and guitars richly protray the diverse Brazilian soundscapes. Vitto's vocals are strikingly reminiscent of Brazilian guitarist Caetano Veloso. Ancient traditions unite with contemporary arrangements and catchy instrumentation to ultimately make this album a gem to listen to. Anyone interested in Bossa Nova, Tropical, Latin Jazz and Brazilian folk music in general will surely appreciate Vitto Meirelles.all year round Huong Thanh & Nguyen Le 6tHuong Thanh 4t Nguyên Lê provides musical seetings which mix traditional Vietnamese instruments and styles with modern jazz fusion to create a spacious landscape. Soaring above it is the marvellous voice of Huong Thanh, as exquisite and subtle as birdsong. The music is deeply spiritual, highly sensual and very intelligent music that communicates perfectly across the cultures.all year round Akosh.S.Unit solo, duo, trioThe saxophonist, Akosh Szelevenyi, is the intellectual follower of the Hungarian improvisative music. He is one of the main characters of the European jazz. The resulting music blends wailing, minor-key melodies, literally off-beat timing and furious, whirling-dervish crescendi. But unlike the confined jazz/Balkan fusions of dance-band king Ivo Papasov, Szelevnyi moves his music out towards free jazz, Indian raga and modern classical forms, creating a fascinating album with much more than curiosity value.all year round Mino Cinelu soloPercussionist extraordinairre Mino Cinelu has earned fame performing with the likes of Sting, Miles Davis, Weather Report, Pat Metheny, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, and many others. On his self-titled Blue Thumb debut, Cinelu delivers a pan-eclectic world music mix of jazz, blues, Afro-pop, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, and Asian influences. Completely written and produced by Cinelu, this muti-layered record showcases his gifts as composer, vocalist, and guitarist, as well as his wide-ranging mastery of world rhythms. And Mino draws upon his Martinican/French heritage, singing in Creole and exploring the island's chouval boa musical tradition for a boldy unique musical perspective.all year roundMino Cinelu - Dhafer Youssefon tour in February 2006 For booking, contact:JAZZ MUSIQUES PRODUCTIONS520 rue de la Ducque F - 34730 Prades le Leztel. +33 4 67597497fax +33 4 67597284e-mail: jimp@jmp.frwebsite: www.jmp.fr