INDIES SCOPE VIEW SECOND HALF OF 2008 We would like to let you know the Indies Records production on the second part of Year 2008.... More:    MORE NEWS -      ** NEW RELEASES **   CANKISOU - Le La (world fusion etno) Czech band Cankisou is one of the most distinctive Czech bands due to not only an impressive singer Karel Herman. Their music makes everybody dance and thanks to universal language of the Canki people is accepted anywhere in the world without any problems.... More:  Video:    TERNE CHAVE - More, love! (gypsy urban rock - hot news 17th in August WMCE charts) It´s only rom´n´roll   - this label was mostly used as a response to the last studio records of band Terne Čhave and their numerous live shows well known for endless energy.... More:  Video:    100°C - Brant Rock (rock) 100°C have released a new album. Title? Brant Rock. Style? Rock´n´roll for 21st century! The album was named Brant Rock according to the first radio station that started broadcasting music for the public. For 100°C this event means a parallel to their efforts. Brant Rock enables them to release music that has been orginating for more than two years in the studio.... More:  Video:    BUDOAR STARE DAMY - Dobrou noc, svetlo (Good night, light!) (alternative girl´s rock) The new album “Dobrou noc, svetlo” (Good night light) by Brno girls band Budoar stare damy (Old lady’s boudoir) saw the light of day three years after the previous album. Prick up your ears and listen to what happened during that time.... More:  Video:    MINACH - Zimomriavky (chanson jazz) Its new record transgress the common pigeon-hole, into which Minach has been put by many people. However, playfulness, exaggeration and „snuggling“ melodies, belonging to the elements, that has always been praised in connection with the band, remains on the new record..... More: Mp3 free:     ** PRESS PASS **   You haven’t press pass and you are working in any press media? We offer “press login” for the VIP section. The prerequisite for obtaining the accreditation is work in music-oriented media, and feedback on your part concerning the use of materials received. (link to journalist registration: and there tick this field “Journalist: _ I would like to apply for PRESS PASS“)   ** WOMEX ** It is our pleasure to let you know that our label, Indies Records, Czech Republic, will come to the trade fair and world music expo WOMEX 2008 in Sevilla. We will be very happy to meet you in our stand 2-M.21 - (STAND: Colours Promotion / Indies Scope Records) at the Trade Fair there.      Yours sincerely   Premysl Stepanek   ________________________________________________   - Indies Scope Records  - - Dolní Loucky 191 - 549 55 - Czech Republic -  - - -  - +420 603 523 108 - - Booking - -