ICP -International Concert Productions: Joshua Edelman on tour

Latin Jazz Alert: JOSHUA EDELMAN (Fusión de Almas) ON TOUR Joshua Edelman is a jazz pianist, composer and teacher who combines admirably his classic and jazz musical training together with the passion he feels for Latin music. Born in Manhattan, New York Joshua has traveled extensively through Latin America to learn more about Latin culture, the language and the roots of the music.  In 1980 he relocated to Valencia, Spain, where he taught and performed with jazz and salsa groups. He now makes his residence in Madrid, Spain. During the 22 years he has been in Spain he has shared the stage with important groups and artists such as the internationally renowned Spanish group Presuntos Implicados, Donna Hightower, Camilo Azuquita, Juan Pablo Torres, Abdu Salim, Perico Sambeat, Manuel Machado, Antonio Serrano and Natalia Dicenta, and others… Recently, Joshua along with his latin jazz group  “Conexiones” made up of musicians from New York, Cuba, Panama, Spain and Sweden, have just released  his third CD called “Fusión de Almas” (Fusion of souls) which is an enchanting piece written by the renowned Cuban pianist and composer, Ignacio Cervantes (1847 - 1905), a "Romance Without Words" which he dedicated to his daughter, María Cervantes (1885 - 1981), also a pianist and composer. The CD is an explosive blend of Latin Jazz and Blues and Salsa. After a very successful year of extended performances as the house band at the popular Calle 54 jazz club in Madrid, Spain, Joshua Edelman and Conexiones are considering dates and global venues with special considerations given to presenters with dates consistent with their tour routes. For bookings please contact: International Concert Productions S.L.C.C. Guadalmina, Alta Bloque 3, Oficina 7929670 San Pedro Alcantara (Malaga) SpainTel: (34) 95-288-5272 - Fax: (34) 95-288-4871e-mail: icp@icpconcert.com