Some few dates are left. Would you be interested in having their fantastic show in your venue? Please advise your interest for the dates: December 17, 18, 19
Here's some short info on the band, you'll find some more attached to this email as a PDF file.
GUTBUCKET (USA)                December 04 – 20, 2003
Paul Chuffo - drums / Ty Citerman - guitar / Eric Rockwin - bass / Ken Thomson – saxophone.
One of the best live acts from downtown New York. Their music is an impolite round table discussion of jazz/punk/funk/rock/20th century classical/Afro-Cuban/polka/free-blowing mayhem. And to really understand what this band is all about, you’ve got to catch them live. They've slam danced upside-down, performed glow-in-the-dark, posed as the Muppet Band, showered their audience with toast, slap-boxed with string quartets, and re-scored their favorite cartoon movies with a side order of pizza.
Also available: GUTBUCKET live scoring "Wallace & Gromit"!
Release tour for the new CD "Dry Humping The American Dream" (ENJA Records, to be released early November 2003)

For more information, contact:
Steffen Wilde

Huttenstrasse 76
D-06110 Halle (Germany)
phone +49 (0)345 80 63 707
fax +49 (0)345 80 63 708