Gesocks: A psycho media sock performance

Gesocks: A psycho media sock performance 14.9.2012, 19:30h, Rottstr.5 – Theater, Bochum

Socks, Hands, Tele, Cream, Confetti, Wigs, Cameras, Show-Stairs and many more

Gedöns meets musicians, actors, directors and movie makers, as part of a cross-over experiment making a bizarre trip through the TV landscape

Look forward to a unique meeting with old friends, loved and hated TV figures, reanimated TV series and formats, guaranteed speechless a-b-c celebrities -  everything well stirred up and somehow politically incorrectly re-composed.

Apart from the resurrected socks the musicians will take control and the socks will be silent for most of the time.

What is this all about? – A psycho media sock performance, what else? Designed and created by Nadin Deventer and Ingmar Kurenbach, performed and developed in collaboration with:


Jost Grix - actor, sock

Ingmar Kurenbach – musician, sock

Achim Kämper – musician, artists, sock

Nelly Köster – singer, sock

Radek Fedyk – musician, sock

Andreas Bittl – musician, sock

Oliver Siegel – musician, sock

Max Walter – movie maker, visuals, camera

Clarissa Gütthoff  – stage design and deko sock

Jana Keller – sock maker

Nadin Deventer – concept, curator, director sock