Evan Parker & September Winds

Peter A.Schmid - bass and contrabass clarinet, contrabass saxophone, taragotEvan Parker - soprano, tenor & contrabass saxophoneHans Anliker - tromboneJürg Solothurnmann - alto & soprano saxophoneReto Senn - clarinet & bass clarinet, taragot "The group September Winds was originally organized for a series of concerts in 2000. Planned to take place in an enormous empty water cistern above Zurich, the concerts were eventually cancelled due to fire regulations. Instead, the three-day meeting of Evan Parker and the Swiss wind quartet became the occasion for recording sessions in the cistern. The results were three full CDs of music on the Swiss Creative Works label (www.creativeworks.ch). September Duos (CW 1036) consisted of duets between Evan Parker and clarinetist Peter A.Schmid. A two-CD set, September Winds (CW 1038/39), contained a CD of various permutations of the group and a staggering second CD of the full quintet engaged in an hour-long improvisation exploring the resonant capacities and quirks of the great hollow space. The music heard here is somtimes slow, often deeply reflective. Though its members number only five, the group plays orchestral music, and surely that's a result of the collective sense of completeness, of the indigenous form latent in its members different voices and visions" (from the liner notes by Stuart Broomer). Evan Parker and September Winds will be on Tour in September/October 2004 and be available for Festivals on demand. If you would like to have additional information & CDs and/or if you take an interest in inviting "Evan Parker & September Winds" for a concert or festival (or if you want to do a rewiew of the CDs) please contact Peter A.Schmid via E-mail: paschmid@gmx.ch or phone: 0041-1-994 45 87. Peter A.SchmidIm Lot 14CH-8610 UsterTel. 0041-1-994 45 87www.paschart.ch