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Eriksson Music proudly presents:NARADA MICHAEL WALDEN & FRIENDS - Europe - JulyT.M Stevens: Bass, Philippe Saisse: Keyboards, Robbie Gonzalez: Percussion, Pat Thrall: Guitar, Norma Jean Bell: Sax and Vocals,Narada Michael Walden: Drums and Vocals Multi-Grammy Award and Emmy Award winning producer, composer and performer is fully adept in diverse styles and genres of contemporary music, including pop, rock, jazz, R´n´B, dance, hip-hop, fusion, country and world music. As a result, Walden continues to deliver smash hits, best-selling albums and award-winning movie soundtracks for an eclectic group of artists. And, while he works with current superstars like Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Wynonna Judd, The Temptations, and Stevie Wonder, he also plays an important role in working with new talents, helping them become the stars of the future. For all his success, Narada Michael Walden continues to be the consummate student of music, constantly seeking and finding new sounds and musical ideas from many sources. As an artist, he fought categorization and now seeks projects that celebrate the harmony arising from the great musical diversity in our global community. As a composer and producer, he is looking to bring the best out of an artist, no matter what genre or style of music they perform. As a result, Narada Michael Walden has created a winning formula sure to bring more hits his way for years to come. Check out his website at: For more information:Anders ErikssonEriksson MusicPhone: +46 8 618 03 66Cell: +46 708 61 02 61Fax: +46 8 618 03 77E-mail: Website: