Electric Barbarian 2005

Electric Barbarian will perform at the Banlieues Bleues Festival 2005 on April 1st. After this date Electric Barbarian is open for dates to promote their album "él", distributed by Lowlands (Belgium).www.electricbarbarian.com Concerts 04/29/2005 Paradox - Tilburg (Nl)04/26/2005 AKI Festival - Enschede (Nl)04/01/2005 Banlieues Bleues Festival - Bobigny (F)03/19/2005 Jazz at Antony Hall - Leiden (Nl)01/28/2005 Paradiso - Amsterdam (Nl)12/27/2005 Wilhelmina - Eindhoven (Nl)11/27/2004 KunstencentrumNetwerk - Aalst (B) ELECTRIC BARBARIANKAIN (us) - PoetryBart Maris (be) - trumpet and effectsGrazzhoppa (be) - scratchHarry Arling (nl) - drumsFloris Vermeulen (nl) - bassElectric Barbarian is the group that Floris Vermeulen created four years ago, and they perform a mix of drum'n bass and jazz improvisation. The core of the band consists of trumpet, bass and drums. Because of the harmonic instrument being replaced by the Belgium turntable wizard Grazzhoppa, the music sounds surprisingly fresh. Electric Barbarian combines drum'n bass and jungle with European improvised music.The pace for this band was set at the impro festival 'Les Trois Jours' where Electric Barbarian worked with trumpet player Serge Adam and Tony Buck on drums.The American poet KAIN performs as a special guest with Electric Barbarian in 2004 - 2005. KAIN created masterpieces such as 'Blue Guerrilla' (KAIN/1970) and 'Right On!' (the Original Last Poets/1971) and as such was one of the earliest influences in the creation of rap music. KAIN's style is best described as 'Holy Roller Existential Blues' and 'Poetic Aggression'.