dOek # 4 1/2: TWO WAY STREET: Amsterdam - Köln

dOek # 4 1/2:  TWO WAY STREET:  Amsterdam – Köln Wednesday 5 and Thursday 6 January 2005 Welcoming in the new year with a celebration of the many and varied connections between Amsterdam and Cologne musicians. Eric Boeren (cornet) & Thomas Heberer (trumpet) Albrecht Maurer Trio Works (Albrecht Maurer, violin; Benoît Delbecq, piano; Wolter Wierbos, trombone) Tobias Delius solo (tenor sax) Fuhler-Bennink-de Joode (piano, drums, double bass) with Frank Gratkowski (alto sax, clarinet)    Wednesday 5 January:        De Loft, Cologne                                        Wissmanstrasse 30                                        Cologne, Germany                                         www.loftkoeln.deThursday 6 January:               OT 301                                        Overtoom 301                                            Amsterdam, The Netherlands                               There’s a lot of interaction between Amsterdam and Cologne musicians.  Cologne musicians who regularly pop up in Amsterdam include Frank Gratkowski (Bik Bent Braam), Thomas Heberer (ICP), Thomas Lehn (Cortet) en Simon Nabatov.  Amsterdam musicians feature strongly in Cologne’s jazz and impro programming - Amsterdam groups ICP and Available Jelly were recent guests in the series Never Mind the Tulips in the Stadgarten there.  And Wolter Wierbos plays in two Cologne formations - Long Run Development of the Universe (Matthias Schubert, Carl ludwig Hübsch, Wolter Wierbos) and Albrecht Maurer’s Trio Works.  You get the picture – it’s a busy two way street.This project has been realised with the support of the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Amsterdam, the SNS Reaal Fonds, the Netherlands Embassy in Berlin and the Ministery of Education, Culture and Science. Carolyn Muntzcoördinator, Stichting dOeKPrinseneiland 97 hs1013 LN AmsterdamThe Netherlands Tel.: +31(0)20-4233740Fax: +31(0)20-4233741e-mail: info@doek.orgweb: www.doek.orgIf you would prefer not to receive news about dOeK activities, please let us know at: