Dead Hedge Trio / Leather Cow: August 2014 UK tour

I am writing to you regarding a UK tour that Dead Hedge Trio/Leather Cow are organising during the 1st-15th of August 2014.

Dead Hedge Trio are a jazz group that have melded sounds from jazz, psychedelic rock and Afro-beat to create a sordid, fizzing, squeaking yet palatably groovy aesthetic.

Leather Cow are a drum/sax/bass jazz band from Liverpool, this trio experiments with complex melodies and sections of free improvisation to create innovative musical sounds.  The result is both exciting and stimulating.

To round off the night Dead Hedge Trio and Leather Cow are joined by the stunning vocals of Jimmy O’Brian as they go through a set of stomping rock freak outs.

Seeing as there are three acts, we have the capability to put on a whole night ourselves, however if you know of any additional bands that would be interested in playing with us, then that would delight us no end, and they are more than welcome.

We are offering these three acts for the price of £300 (plus expenses), however this may be negotiable.

Many Thanks,

Dead Hedge Trio,
Leather Cow
and Jimmy

Name: Gareth Wyn Jones