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Cortex is a Norwegian band which plays enerergetic jazz of the finest brand. With over fifty liveperfomances and two studio albums, they position themselves as one of the strongest additions to the Norwegian jazz scene.
The members have their formal background from the Jazz departments at the Universities in Trondheim and Stavanger, and they are amongst the most sought after young jazz performers i Norway today. They all have marked their position in several other constellations such as: Mathias Eick Quintet, Susanne Sundfør, Team Hegdal, Saka, Zanussi 5, Friends & Neighbors, All Included, Honest John, and The Heat Death.
Cortex is Thomas Johansson (trp), 
Kristoffer Berre Alberts (sax), 
Ola Høyer (bass), 
Gard Nilssen (dr)
After extensive touring in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy and Japan, Cortex released their second album october 2012, Göteborg, on Gigafon Records and received great admirance from international critics.
Roald Helgheim in Dagsavisen gave a very positive review, and wrote i.a.:
"Abundant energy, in the footprints of Don Cherry, Ornette Coleman and others. Saxophone, trumpet, drums and bass is a format that requires full presence, and it´s this ability to keep up steam that makes Cortex a live band in a class of its own."
(Dagsavisen, 22nd of October 2012)
Lars Mossefinn in Dag og Tid was also very positive and wrote i.a.:
"Cortex offers playing that gives the feeling of driving over the mountains in spring time"
(Dag og Tid, 23th of November 2012)
Terje Mosnes in Dagbladet rolled 5 on the dice and says: 
"Lovely bragging, noisy high energy jazz with sporadic 60s avantgarde, but still so deeply rooted in melody and pulse that it quickly reaches both feet, hips and head and has you in a firm grip until the last note."
(Dagbladet, 24th of October 2012)
Other internationally acclaimed magazines such as Allaboutjazz and Jazzwise has written very nice reviews, and Eyal Hareuveni in Allaboutjazz wrote:
" ' Göteborg' establishes Cortex as one of the greatest bands currently working in Norway." (, 3rd of December 2012)
Daniel Spicer in Jazzwise wrote:
" You want genre labels, Call it avant garde party music."
(Jazzwise, 29th of January 2013)
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Best regards,
Thomas Johansson