Concertbuero Andy Loesche - tour offers 2005

CONCERTBÜRO ANDY LÖSCHE European Tour offers 2005   January 2005NINE BELOW ZERO (GB)brandnew album: "Hat's Off" (Zed Records) March 2005DEBBIE DAVIES BAND (USA)latest album: "Key To Love" (Shanachie) March / April 2005PAUL LAMB & THE KING SNAKES (GB)latest album: "Harmonica Man - The Paul Lamb Anthology" (Sanctuary) April / May 2005LARRY GARNER & BAND (USA)latest album: "Embarrassment To The Blues ... Live" (Ruf Records) May 2005THE DUKE ROBILLARD BAND (USA)latest album: "Blue Mood" (Stony Plain / DixieFrog) June 2005JOHNNY FERREIRA & THE BLUES SHACKS (CAN/D)latest album: "Blue Avenue" (CrossCut Records) June / July 2005MIGHTY SAM McCLAIN & BAND (USA)brandnew album: "Betcha Didn't Know" early 2005 !!! July 2005BIG BILL MORGANFIELD & BAND (USA)latest album: "Blues In The Blood" (Blind Pig) October 2005TONI LYNN WASHINGTON & BAND (USA)latest album: "Been So Long" (Northern Blues) October / November 2005JOHNNY FERREIRA & THE BLUES SHACKS feat. The Vancouver Horns (CAN/D)latest album: "Blue Avenue" (CrossCut Records) November 2005JIMMY D. LANE & BLUE EARTH (USA)latest album: "It's Time" (Acoustic Sounds / APO) all yearALBIE DONNELLY'S SUPERCHARGE (GB/D)latest album: "Loaded - Live" all yearB.B. & THE BLUES SHACKS (D)latest album: "Blue Avenue" (CrossCut Records) for festivalsCOLIN JAMES & BAND (CAN)latest album: "Fuse" (WEA) for festivalsCHUBBY CARRIER & THE BAYOU SWAMP BAND (USA)latest album: "Take Me To The Zydeco" (Swampadelic) for festivalsTERRY EVANS & BAND (USA)latest album: "Live Like A Hurricane" (AudioQuest) For information, contact:CONCERTBÜRO ANDY LÖSCHESchlafweg 28D - 96173 Oberhaidtel. +49 9503 502690fax +49 9503 502691e-mail: andy@concertbueroloesche.dewebsite: