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AMINA CLAUDINE MYERS VOICE CHOIR Line-Up: - Amina Claudine Myers - piano, vocals, leader, composer - Janet Jordan, Stephanie Summerville - sopranos - Cathy Russell, Richarda Abrams - altos - Clinton Ingram, Rayford Dudley - tenors - Raymond Frith, T. Ray Lawrence - baritones - Radu Williams - double bass - Thurman Barker - drums, percussion - Reggie Nicholson - drums, percussion Conditions: fees on inquiry (plus hotel, catering, flat fee for transportation) Tourperiod: second half of may (18 may already booked) 2003 If you should be interested in the Voice Choir please contact me for further information (pressbook, booking, detailed offer, photos etc.) as soon as possible. For information about Amina and my other artists please visit also my website (just klick link below) also for sound files, links and up-to-date tour listings including booked and still available dates. Andreas Scherrer COMPANY OF HEAVEN Museumstrasse 34, Top 28 A-4020 Linz/Austria Tel. +43/699-14020.748 FAX +43/732-776.770 e-mail: website: Amina Claudine Myers presents in her music a unique blend of gospel, blues, jazz and "avantgardistic" melodies and rhythms. Maybe her incomparable feeling for music comes from her days as a child in the southern parts of the USA, where she heard Rhythm & Blues in the radio, gospel music in churches and Mozart's "Requiem" at school. She is a member of the AACM (Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians) since she came to New York City in 1976. Amina also wrote music for the stage and for chamber ensembles. Recently she started working with musicians from the Far East in NYC. The Voice Choir was first formed in 1979 and Amina wrote several programs for it over the years. The Voice Choir reflects her deep love for contemporary vocal music and represents best her abilities in writing polyphonic music for ensembles and choirs.