Carminho - 22 February 2013 20:00


A Portuguese breeze blows at İş Sanat this month. Regarded as one of the most successful representatives of Fado despite her young age, Carminho stands out with her music that blends different genres including Brazilian popular music, jazz, pop and rock. She first became famous in Spain with her participation in Pablo Alborán’s album which remained on to of the charts for a long time. Carminho’s shining star continued to bloom with her albums Fado and Alma. With the success of both albums she put traditional Portuguese music on the map as a Fado star. Inspired by legends of Fado like Lucília do Carmo, Fernando Maurício and Amália Rodrigues, Carminho was also influenced by rock legends Queen and the Beatles revealed by the rock influences in her music. The song, which she recorded in collaboration with producer/guitarist Luis Penedo for his Prémio Amália Revelação award winning album was used in Carlos Saura’s sensational movie ‘Fados’ in 2007. The Fado songs of wonderful beauty that Carminho will sing at İş Sanat will warm your heart in cold February. One of the concerts of the season absolutely not to miss…

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