Breadmachine is led by one of Finland's most recognized trumpetists, Antero Priha. Priha has been one of Finland's busiest trumpetists for nearly twenty years. Together with the Finnish bands, Priha has also performed at various interantional jazz festivals. To mention but few, he has played together with some living legends such as Ray Charles, Joe Henderson, Freddie Hubbard, Carla Bley and Louie Bellson. The rest of the musicians in Breadmachine are all among the hardest working, awards winning men in the modern European music scene, too. Please see for more details on the band and listen the music at Breadmachine released its first album, Eternal Friendship, in 1998. Priha and bassist Ape Anttila's music is an easy blend of many modern influences (hip-hop, soul, jazzbossa, be-bop & lush-loop). In January 2001, Breadmachine released its second album Loveship. Like Eternal Friendship, Loveship is a loving blend of various musical influences - still clearly within a distinct jazzframe. Some of the key tunes on this record are Priha's mellow "Mañana" and almost devout "Prayer". Record company Breadmachine's third album, Starship Babies is currently in production and published in february 2003. It will differ sligthly from the previous two albums in its ultra modern soundscapes and funky tunes. For more information, CD's and bookings for year 2003, please contact: PR-coordinator, Nina Alivirta tel: +358-40-5897752 or Antero Priha tel:+358-40-5600655 From left to right: Seppo Kantonen (keyboards), Rasmus Korström (sax), Ape Anttila (bass), Ville Forss (percussions), Markku Ounaskari (drums) and Antero Priha (trumpet).