Bobby Sanabria Big Band "Multiverse" ...KILLER Latin Jazz, Big Band New York sty

Bobby Sanabria Big Band, "Multiverse", KILLER Latin Jazz, Big Band New York style! ...POW! - elW
As he always proudly proclaims, he is a Nuyorican from the South Bronx. He was raised in a time before the mass corporatization and commodification of media and popular culture affected the vacuous product that seems to pervade much of today\'s mainstream music scene. The Bronx in the 1960s and 1970s was the perfect cauldron, or caldera, of rich musical ingredients, the Crossroads, set apart, yet part of, the main road, where Elegua meets George Carlin, the place where Bobby was exposed to more than one sphere of being and knowing - a figurative "Multiverse." The Puerto Rican and Cuban rhythms of family and neighbors in the projects. The rock-n-roll riffs enjoyed by schoolmates. The jazz still played on the radio and used as soundtracks in movies and even cartoons. And the funk danced to by new b-boy crews in the parks and sidewalks of the Boogie Down - all have left their aural mark in Bobby\'s musical development.

This Multiverse vision of jazz is rooted in a deep tradition that goes back to Africa, Cuba, New Orleans, to St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago and finally arrives and coalesces in New York City. Along the way Bobby\'s Multiverse has incorporated other influences thereby reaffirming jazz, challenging its tenets and expanding upon it. The jazz of the Multiverse rejects uniformity and embraces plurality. The fusion of different traditions and sounds does not destroy or dilute the traditional concepts of jazz, but creates other vibrant and interesting "possibilities."


Tito Puente Masterworks Live!!!
Coming off of the success of the Grammy nominated Kenya Revisited Live!!!, multi-Grammy nominee Bobby Sanabria returns conducting the Manhattan School Of Music Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra with an exciting live concert tribute to maestro Tito Puente featuring incredible live re-workings of "El Rey"\'s greatest large scale Afro-Cuban/Latin jazz masterworks. Bobby not only conducts but also performs on vibes, drums, and timbales on several cuts. from in your face straight ahead big band swing to jazz with a mambo beat. It\'s Puente\'s music like you\'ve never heard it before, reinterpreted with new twists and turns by Sanabria and his young fire breathing dragons in all of its majesty. As with Kenya Revisited Live!!! proceeds of the sale of each cd go to the MSM Scholarship Fund.

"Leading the Manhattan School of Music Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra, Sanabria and his charges take us back way deeper than you\'re usual look back at a time and place. The spirit of the master lives on in full force with gale force velocity!"
- CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher Midwest Record

Kenya Revisited Live!!!

Fifty years ago Machito & the Afro-Cubans recorded the album which has become an Afro-Cuban jazz masterpiece, Kenya. Now multiple Grammy nominee Bobby Sanabria directing the Manhattan School of Music Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra takes Kenya into the 21st century with exciting new arrangements and special guest, NEA jazz master and Kenya alumnus Cándido Camero.

Big Band Urban Folktales
Bobby Sanabria\'s latest recording "Big Band Urban Folktales" will be released June 5th on the Jazzheads label In 2001, Bobby\'s mainstream Grammy nominated big band CD, "Live & In Clave!!!" took the Afro-Cuban big band jazz tradition into the 21rst century. Now he expands on that tradition by taking it into the future by doing a re-working of Frank Zappa\'s "Grand Wazoo" and premiering two never before recorded Hermeto Pascoal compositions, "O Som Do Sol" and "Obrigado Mestre" as well as a variety of other new compositions re-defining the big band tradition and the role of the drummer in jazz as Bobby is featured as composer, arranger and performs on drums, vibes, marimba and a variety of percussion...