Bimhuis - Concerts programme September 2004

CONCERT PROGRAMSeptember 9, 2004 through September 30, 2004 all concerts start at 9 pm unless stated otherwise  Thursday September 9, 2004, admittance € 12 STEVE REID QUARTETChuck Henderson-soprano saxophoneBoris Netsvetaev-pianoChris Lachotta-double bassSteve Reid-drums When you read the résumé of drummer Steve Reid, you'll find it impossible to believe that all this is done by one man. He recorded for Motown with Martha & the Vandellas, he was a member of the resident orchestra of the Apollo Theatre led by Quincy Jones, he played in Africa with Fela Kuti and master percussionist Olatunji, he can be heard on Miles Davis' Tutu, he worked with Fats Domino, Bo Diddly, Sun Ra, Arthur Blyte, Henry Threadgill and the Barnum & Bailey Circus. Forty years of living drum history where African rhythms and the harmonic explorations of John Coltrane come together Friday September 10, 2004, admittance € 16 DANILO PEREZ TRIOphoto: Michael Piazza Danilo Perez-pianoBen Street-double bassAdam Cruz-drums Danilo Perez' playing is intelligent, exciting and has an authentic style, marked by a highly personal fusion of jazz and Latin elements. Therefore it didn't take him much time to become a leading pianist of his generation which shows in his collaboration with groups of Wayne Shorter. With his CD PanaMonk he proves to be an excellent performer of 'Thelonious music.' He plays with his regular trio partners: bass player Ben Street and drummer Adam Cruz.   Saturday September 11, 2004, admittance € 14 TRIO BENNINK/BORSTLAP/GLERUMMichiel Borstlap-pianoErnst Glerum-double bassHan Bennink-drums A top-level meeting of three generations in Dutch jazz. In 1997 they did a once-only concert at the Bimhuis, resulting in a CD. However, anyone who listened to this recording knows that this combination is too beautiful to be passed into oblivion. Three musicians respecting the rich sound of their instrument, knowing what swing and excitement is, being able to rebuild standards and make them sound like brand new and creating something on the spot, that rises above the three individuals. Tuesday September 14, 2004, admittance free WORKSHOP & SESSION8 p.m.: workshop led by Arnold Dooyeweerd10:30 p.m.: jam session Wednesday September 15, 2004, admittance € 10 TIME FOUNDATION WE DESIRE TO TELL YOU ABOUT ITTheatre improvisationsAna Dimitrijevic (Serbia), Christiana Lopes da Cunha (Brazil/Portugal), Igor Dobricic (Serbia/The Netherlands), Marina Papic (Serbia), Marko Milic (Serbia), Nikica Strizak(Serbia), Ognjen Blagojevic (Serbia), Pierre Sanouvi (Togo), Sergio Oliveira (Brazil), Thomas Johannsen (Germany/The Netherlands) Time Foundation is an artist collective founded around the graduation project of Igor Dobricic (writer), Thomas Johnassen (theatre director) and Christiana Lopes da Cunha (visual artist), all connected as a student to the international theatre school DasArts in Amsterdam. In this graduation project they collaborate with eight dancers, writers, actors and visual artists from Brazil, Germany, Togo and Serbia. 'We desire to tell you about it' formulates the desire to share the inspiration of the moment, of place and time, with the audience and each other. The only way to express the inspiration of the moment is called improvisation. Inspiration can take us anywhere and most of the time we can not know where that's going to be. That is why inspiration and improvisation depend on each other. Thursday September 16, 2004, admittance € 14 THE MILLENNIUM JAZZ ORCHESTRA & FAY CLAASSEN "SPECIALLY ARRANGED FOR FAY"led by Joan Reinders with Fay Claassen-vocals The Millennium Jazz Orchestra is one of the best big bands in the country. Before the intermission, leader Joan Reinders and other members of the orchestra will play many of their own compositions, rooted in tradition. Reinders arranged nine pieces for vocalist Fay Claassen, resulting in a CD recording. Fay is a unique vocalist who brings every song alive but also possesses an incredible talent for improvisation. This can be heard in de second part of the concert. Friday September 17, 2004, admittance € 12 VOLKOV TRIO & SERGEY STAROTSINVladimir Volkov-double bass, electric bassSlava Kurashov-guitarDenis Sladkevich-drumsSergey Starotsin-vocals, reeds The trio of bass player Volkov collaborates with rock band Auktyon and with Sergey Starostin, investigator of Russian folklore. They also played with Sainkho Namchylak, Mola Sylla and Damo Suzuki, the ex vocalist of Can. This shows their wide interests and great versatility. Starostin is mainly known from the marvellous Moscow Art Trio with pianist Misha Alperin and horn player Arkady Shilkloper. As a musicologist and gifted musician he explores the traditional sounds of the tundra, nowadays mainly as the leader of the folkrock group Farlanders. Saturday September 18, 2004, admittance € 12 TRIO AABPhil Bancroft-tenor saxophoneKevin Mackenzie-guitarTom Bancroft-drums 'I don't like jazz, but this I liked very much'. A response that is heard often when it concerns the Scottish Trio AAB that, in all its extreme adventures, never forgets to amuse the audience. The extremity lies in the enormous range of influences, from The Sound of Music to drum 'n bass, from Celtic folk via grunge to Ornette Coleman. The name AAB doesn't just stand for a music schedule, two times the same and then something new, but also for twin brothers Tom and Phil Bancroft and the other genes of Kevin McKenzie. They stand for surprise, the integration of the unexpected in known pieces. This is something that the group achieves, despite the fun, with great competence and intense combined play. Sunday September 19, 2004, admittance € 14 MATT DARRIAU'S BALLIN' THE JACK DOES THE MARX BROTHERS featuring ROY NATHANSONMatt Darriau-alto saxophone, clarinetRoy Nathanson vocals, alto saxophoneFrank London-trumpetAndy Laster-baritone saxophone, clarinetCurtis Hasselbring-tromboneAnthony Coleman-piano, keyboardJoe Fitzgerald-bassGeorge Schuller-drums With Jungle, this septet did one of the most amusing Ellington tributes ever heard, original, authentic and full of passion. In a line up taken from the 'A list' of Downtown Manhattan, they dive into the songs and solos from the thirteen Marx Brothers films. The favourite of the public, no doubt, will be the irresistible Roy Nathanson who shows a strong resemblance to Groucho. Tuesday September 21, 2004, admittance free WORKSHOP & SESSION8 p.m.: workshop led by Arnold Dooyeweerd10:30 p.m.: jam session Wednesday September 22, 2004, admittance € 18 PHAROAH SANDERS QUARTETPahroah Sanders-tenor saxophoneWilliam Henderson-pianoMatthew Garrison-bassWill Calhoun-drums He possesses one of the most memorable tenor sounds from the history of jazz and everything he plays radiates a deep spiritual involvement. This, he has in common with his previous mentor John Coltrane but Pharoah Sanders went his own way a long time ago, in which he and his jazz hymns also contributed to rock experiments. With Bill Laswell, Matthew Garrison (son of Coltrane bass player Jimmy) and Will Calhoun he created a base of steaming funk. Thursday September 23, 2004, admittance € 12 MICHAEL BAIRD'S AFRICAN ABSTRACTIONS & SPECIAL GUEST KONKIE HALMEYERMichael Baird-drums, kalimbaKofi Ayivor-percussionOusmane Seye-percussion, gongomaZoumana Diarra-electric guitar, koraJeroen van Vliet-Fender Rhodes, piano, synthesizerKonkie Halmeyer-steelpans The first time drummer/composer Michael Baird heard live music was in his country of birth Zambia. The vitality, power and inspiration that spoke from that, became the foundation for his musical development. Since then, he undertook an impressive expedition in search of his 'own' music in which he is not bothered by any boundaries between various African traditions or musical styles for that matter. In African Abstractions he brought together musicians that also enjoy crossing musical borderlines: Ousmane Seye from Senegal, who can be found in various jazz formations, Kofi Ayivor, master drummer from the Ghanese Ewe tradition, string specialist Zoumana Diarra from Mali and jazz pianist Jeroen van Vliet, now on Fender Rhodes, piano and synthesizer. Modern music on a Pan-African basis. Friday September 24, 2004, admittance € 16 LARRY CORYELL'S INDIAN QUARTETGeorge Brooks-tenor saxophoneLarry Coryell-guitarRonu Majumda-bansariVeejay Gate-tabla Coryell was one of the string magicians that was ruling the early jazz rock with, among others, his group Eleventh House but he also showed enormous abilities in Flamenco music and he even managed to successfully arrange Le Sacre du Printemps for solo guitar. The man is literally capable to do about anything, including this fusion with the staggering rhythmical complexity of Indian music. Saturday September 25, 2004, admittance € 12 XLJAZZ TRIBUTE TO HERMETO PASCOALled by Gerrit Jan Binkhorstwith Martin Fondse and Lilian Vieira In collaboration with Buitenkunst Since many years, Buitenkunst has been organising workshops in the field of the arts for amateurs and semi-professionals. The extremely expanded jazz orchestra XLJAZZ takes this a bit further. It is a semi-professional orchestra with professional soloists, led by composer/arranger/saxophone player Gerrit Jan Brinkhorst. This time he arranged a selection from the work of the Brazilian multi instrumentalist/composer Hermeto Pascoal. The arrangements are especially made for the new XLJAZZ setting with new guest soloists: Martin Fondse and Lilian Vieira. from 'round about midnight – admission free DJ PHIL JAZZ LOST AND FOUND Dance till late on hidden treasures & crazy grooves in vintage music. Sunday September 26, 2004, admittance € 12 TWO SHADES OF GREENE BURTON GREENE SOLO BURTON GREENE'S 'KLEZ-THETICS'Presentation CD Live at GraslandAkos Laki-clarinet, tenor saxophonesBurton Greene-pianoLarry Fishkind-tubaRoberto Haliffi-drums From free jazz pioneer to klezmer innovator; Burton Green's musical career has been very remarkable. He has always been hard to place, this might be why he deserves more recognition. He recorded his first solo improvisations for legendary avant-garde labels like Guild and ESP in the 60's, when he was present at the birth of New Thing in New York. Later on he would admit more of his Jewish inheritance in his work which led to the exploration of Sefardic melodies and 'Balkan Swing' timing with Klezmokum and now with Hungarian master Akos Laki in the Klez-thetics. Monday September 27, 2004, admittance free 1000 YEARS OF JAZZ LAPTOP/TURNTABLE SESSIONSpecial edition CD presentation Tonight will be presented the first CD of the 1000 Years of Jazz compilation series. In '1000 Years of Jazz' resident band Dox Orchestra (in which you will recognize the members of SFeQ) accompanies different guests. Musicians, 'turtablists' and 'music makers in between' that want to join in can get in touch via '1000 Years of Jazz' takes place every last monday of the month from 9 p.m.. The session has a very exceptional set of instruments. Next to the band line-up and the intruments of the participating musicians, there are computers and turntables available for everyone bringing in audio- and/or other files. Laptop deejays can join the session by plugging in at the central mixing table. Tuesday September 28, 2004, admittance free WORKSHOP & SESSION8 p.m.: workshop led by Arnold Dooyeweerd10:30 p.m.: jam session Thursday September 30, 2004, admittance € 14 CHRIS ABELEN QUINTET, AB BAARS & ZAPP STRING QUARTETChris Abelen-tromboneTobias Delius-tenor saxophone, clarinetCorrie van Binsbergen-guitarWilbert de Joode-double bassCharles Huffstadt-drumsAb Baars-clarinetJasper le Clercq-violinFriedmar Hitzer-violin, violaOene van Geel-viola, violinEmile Visser-cello You can distinguish the compositions of Chris Abelen by the catchy 'hooks', clear lines and colourful timbres that discretely lead the soloists while sympathising with them. Even when there is an organised chaos, as a variety or as a climax, balanced beauty is what they aim for. In this big line up, the trombone player can express every aspect of his style; the classical elements, the adventures with dissonance and melody, the flexibility of swing and the drive for improvisers who look back and ahead at the same time. For more information,,