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tour offers 2004/2005 VIKTORIA TOLSTOY meets OPRAH WINFREYOn September 15, 2004 Viktoria Tolstoy will appear in the OPRAH WINFREY SHOW on US television. Besides an interview segment Oprah will also show excerpts from Viktoria's video clip "Upside Out". Previously ACT recording artist Viktoria Tolstoy has already appeared on French national TV in the show CAMPUS of entertainer Guillaume Durand.She will tour with her current program "Shining On You - Sings the music of Esbjörn Svensson" in the autumn of 2004 and spring of 2005. ON TOUR:October 23 - November 7, 2004February 11 - 20, 2005April 21 - Mai 8, 2005July 2005 KYLE EASTWOODThe long awaited second CD of bassist Kyle Eastwood, son of Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood, will be released in October by Candid Records (UK) and in November Kyle will then come live on tour to Europe with this new programme and his new UK-based sextet.ON TOUR:November 05 - 23, 2004July 2005 EIVIND AARSETJazzland recording artist Eivind Aarset just released his new album "Connected" (distributed by Universal). His unique compositions and sound-designs again brought him the highest praise from critics and audiences alike. "One of the best post-Miles albums" the New York Times praised the artist's debut release.ON TOUR:October 15 - 31, 2004January 24 - February 06, 2005July 2005 JANE MONHEITJane Monheit's new album "Taking a Chance on Love" will be released by Sony Music in September 2004 and Jane will tour in Europe with her new programme in October & November 2004. Some of her songs can also be heard in the new Paramount movie with Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law and Angelina Jolie - "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" - which will be released in cinemas around Europe in September.ON TOUR:October 20 - November 19, 2004July 2005 BEADY BELLEBeady Belle, the band project of Norwegian singer Beate S. Lech and bassist Marius Reksjo, will release their third album in spring on UNIVERSAL. After the success of "Home" and "Cewbeagappic" critics and audiences alike eagerly await another landmark recording from Beady Belle. Beady Belle will tour the new programme for the first time in May 2005.ON TOUR:November 1 - 10, 2004May 06 - 22, 2005July 2005 MALIAAfter the spectacular success of her debut-recording (over 100.000 copies sold in Europe, entries in the pop-charts in France, Germany, Austria, etc.) Malia's long awaited follow up album will be released in the fall by Sony Music. After almost two months of touring in France in October and November Malia will tour the rest of Europe in early 2005 - starting with a 3 weeks tour of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in January and February. ON TOUR:January 15 - February 06, 2005 (G-A-S)July 2005 DEE DEE BRIDGEWATERVocal Diva and Universal recording artist Dee Dee Bridgewater will release her new album "J'ai Deux Amours" in early 2005. The new project might come as a surprise for the jazz-community as she will not record songs from the Great American Songbook, but choose material from the Great French Songbook, presenting songs made famous by the likes of Edith Piaf, Nougaro, Josephine Baker, etc. "J'ai Deux Amours" will be presented live on tour in March 2005.ON TOUR:March 5 - 19, 2005July 2005in cooperation with Acces ON THE EDGE feat. JAMES MORRISON & SIMON STOCKHAUSENOnce again Australian multi-instrumentalist James Morrison and German keyboard-guru Simon Stockhausen will bring their Septet ON THE EDGE on the road. ON THE EDGE combines two musical masterminds from two sides of the world (geographical and musical) with a hard working, funky rhythm section and two additonal horns.ON TOUR:March 25 - April 10, 2005 DATES ON REQUESTalso available in Fall '04, Spring '05 and Summer '05 are: ERIK TRUFFAZ  GERARD PRESENCER  STEFANO DI BATTITSA    LAURENT DE WILDE   CONTACTStefan KnieperTel.: +49-89-12249744  Fax.: +49-89-12249779e-mail: knieper@hopper-management.com