Asaf Sirkis & the Inner Noise

Asaf Sirkis & the Inner Noise Steve Lodder- Church organMike Outram- GuitarAsaf Sirkis- Drums About the new AlbumComposed and arranged by Asaf Sirkis, this work is influenced by modern classical music and in particular the music of organ composers such as Olivier Messiaen and Maurice Durufle. Combining modern jazz and elements of progressive rock (Yes, Emerson Lake & Palmer), this album melds classical composing techniques with the nuances of jazz improvisation. The Inner Noise is an organ trio (organ, guitar and drums) with a new direction. By using church organ sounds rather then the traditional Hammond organ sounds, the trio creates a music that is rich and unique in spiritual tone. Listen to the new album at: Asaf's Web site: E-mail: * * * * * "...just about as far as it is possible to get from the classic organ trios normally found in jazz, but this is truly moving and compelling music." - Nick Lea, Jazz Views, UK, April 2003 ..."Here's one that defies categorisation. Asaf Sirkis, the Brilliant drummer, has here stumbled on a sub-genre that might become known as Gothic Jazz." - Jazz UK, April 2003 ..."Not only is he left handed but his playing is also 'left handed'. He must be one of the most original musicians in Europe today. He has the ear of a composer, not a drummer"... - Jazz Chord, Australia, July/August 1998 ..."He has the Be-Bop rattle of Roy Haynes and the cymbal deftness of Tony Williams. He makes traditional martial snare drum sound like a heartbeat of love. A rare and brilliant drummer indeed." - The Morning Star, April 2001 ...''This is a fine guitar trio set, with the thrilling drumming of Asaf Sirkis (who gives a lift to everything he plays on)..." - John Fordham, the Guardian, May 2002 "Asaf Sirkis entlockt seinem Schlagzeug mit Wucht und doch gleichsam aus dem Handgelenk lautmalerische Rhythmen und treibende 'Grooves'". (Translation: Asaf Sirkis pulls out of his drums loud painting-like rythms and driving grooves, forceful yet effortless). - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Frankfurt, Germany 2003 Asaf Sirkis - Drummer, Composer Asaf was born in Israel in 1969. In the early 90s, having studied drums for six years with David Rich, he started playing professionally with many jazz, rock, and free jazz projects in Israel. He played in various venues and festivals including the Jazz in the Red Sea Festival and the Israel Festival. Asaf was also involved in a variety of ethnic musics, playing with different klezmer groups and Middle Eastern music artists such as Yair Dalal and Eyal Sela. From 1994 he recorded and toured Europe with Emmanuel Bex, Ari Brown, and Amir Perelman trio. While still in Israel Asaf formed his own band, The Asaf Sirkis Trio, with which he toured Israel and recorded his first album, One Step Closer. His second project, The Inner Noise, was partly commissioned by the department of arts of the Tel-Aviv City Council, and was performed around Israel in 1997-8. In 1999 Asaf moved to London where he soon became a part of the UK jazz and world music scene. During that year he started working with Adel Salameh, a Palestinian Aud player/composer, as well as Steve Lodder and Mike Outram with whom he formed his own band, The Inner Noise. In 2000 Asaf became a regular member of Gilad Atzmon's Orient House Ensemble. This band has recorded three albums for Enja Records and tours Europe frequently. Their last CD 'Exile' has won 'Best CD of The Year' at the BBC jazz Award 2003. Asaf also plays with other artists in the UK and in Europe, including Gary Husband, John Taylor, Barbaros Erkose (Turkey), Bela Saachi Lakatosh (Hungary), Dafa Yusuf (france), Simon Fisher Turner, Christoph Spendel (Germany), Sigi Finkel (Austria), Phil Robson, Martin Speake, Mark Latimer, Julian Siegel, Christine Tobin, and John Etheridge.