Anteprima - tour offers 2004/2005

Stefano Di Battista 4tet   Around Charlie Parker NEW RECORD FALL 2004 ON BLUE NOTE  (in association with  B.Hopper for Germany, Amparo Tebar for Spain, And Isio Saba for Italy)   Aldo Romano NEW POWER TRIO WITH DANILO REA AND REMI VIGNOLO NEW CD ON UNIVERSAL JAZZ  STILL "Because of Bechet" with Emmanuel Bex, Emanuele Cisi, Francesco Bearzatti et Remi Vignolo  and Palatino avec Michel Benita, Glenn Ferris et Fabrizio Bosso (Tp)  and Romano Sclavis Texier Carnets de Route    Julien Lourau 5tet NEW QUINTET NEW CD FALL 2005 ON LABEL BLEU. BIG SUMMER TOUR TO COME!!!    Jason Moran trio " The Band wagon"  In association with IMN (Only France)    Stefano Bollani  In association with "Sounds from the world"   Enrico Rava NEW CD ECM SPRING 2004. In association with "Sounds from the world"    Anouar Brahem " Le Pas du Chat Noir", Tour JANUARY 05 (in association  with Kameléon)   For more information, contact: ANTEPRIMA Reno Di Matteo Artist Management and Booking/ Co Producer for  Paris Jazz Festival 2004 (June 5th till July 25th) 10 Rue du sentier 75002 Paris TEL +33 145 08 00 00 FAX + 33 145 08 03 33 e-mail: