3D Family - Tour proposals 2004

Dear promoters, Don't miss the new Creole Project of the tenor sax player David Murray to be released in may 2004.This record release will be followed by a july/august and an October/November 2004 tour. There are still dates available so feel free to check the schedules with us. This project of David Murray is a crossover project between caribbean music and jazz. This music propose a different approach of jazz turning somehow to afrobeat, with upbeated rhythms and a full variety of harmonies. With this project David Murray explores his own roots as African-American jazz musician. (see details below : line-up etc...) Also, don't miss our other artists tours in 2004-05. Check at the bottom of this email the listing of our artists and their touring dates : Lila Downs (Mexico), Bonga (Angola), Omar Sosa (Cuba), Manolito y su Trabuco (Cuba), Magic Malik Orchestra (France), Ba Cissoko (Guinea), The Heritage of Batata (Colombia), Happy Apple (USA), Karim Ziad (Algeria)... For further details about dates, check also our website www.3dfamily.org   DAVID MURRAY CREOLE PROJECT  (usa/guadeloupe)David Murray - tenor sax, soprano sax, bass clarinetHugh Ragin - trumpet (tbc)Hamid Drake - drumsJaribu Shahid - doublebass, electric bassFrancois Ladrezeau - gwo-ka drums, vocalsKlod Kiavue - gwo-ka drums, vocalsHerve Samb - guitarDavid Murray Creole Project III is a fusion of the harmonic structures of jazz, the rythmic accentuations of the Ka Drum of Guadeloupe, and the ritmalistic vocalization in the langage of creole. The group just completed its 3rd CD, recorded in the Caribbean which features the legendary tenor saxophonists Pharoah Sanders. The result of David and Pharoahs last collaboration " Blues for Coltrane " was a 88 Grammy Award. On stage, the growth of the improvisation, composition and interaction is evident. The group has developed into a genuine working band with a concept that often leaves audiences listening quite intensly and dancing in the ailes. ARTISTS ON TOUR IN 2004 * DAVID MURRAY LATIN BIG BAND (usa/cuba) -- on tour in may 2004 * DAVID MURRAY CREOLE PROJECT feat. Pharoah Sanders (usa-guadeloupe) -- on tour in july/august 2004 and october-november 2004 * OMAR SOSA (cuba) Represented by Transatlantico for Germany-- on tour in february/march and may and july/august 2004 * HAPPY APPLE (usa)-- on tour in october/november 2004 * MAGIC MALIK ORCHESTRA (france)-- available all year long * BONGA (angola)-- available all year long (check specific tours with us) * BA CISSOKO (guinea)-- on tour in march/april/may/june/july/august/october/november 2004 * LILA DOWNS (mexico)Represented by Caiman for Spain only.-- on tour in november 2004  * MANOLITO Y SU TRABUCO (cuba)-- on tour in june 2004 and july/august 2004 and october 2004 * BATATA Y SU RUMBA PALENQUERA (columbia)-- on tour in july/august 2004 * TEOFILO CHANTRE (cape verde)Represented by Griots for Germany, Switzerland and Austria.-- available all year long (tour in october/november 2004) * KARIM ZIAD (algeria)-- available all year long (check specific tours with us) * TOTONHO E OS CABRA (brazil)-- tour TBA  For more information, contact:3D Family50, rue Servan75011 Paris Fabrice Gogendeauprod@3dfamily.orghttp://www.3dfamily.orgPh : ++33 -240-245-377Fx : ++33-140-091-234